Sunday, January 20, 2008

Victorian / Steampunk (RL) Timeline, 1851-1860

1851 – The Great Exhibition is held in England with the encourgement of Prince Albert. One of its main attractions is the Crystal Place, a glass and iron building.

1852 – Louis Napoleon establishes the Second Empire as Napoleon III.
Henir Giffard builds the first steam powered dirigible.
E.G. Otis invents the safety elevator.

1853 to 1856 – The Crimean War: Russia is defeated by the Ottoman Empire and its allies Great Britain and France.

1853 – Colonel Samuel Colt begins manufacturing revolvers.
Alexander Wood invents the hypodermic syringe.
Chloroform gains acceptence when give to Queen Victoria during the birth of her eighth child.

1854 – Matthew Perry opens Japan to Western trade.
George Boole develops mathematical logic.

1856 – The first Neanderthal remains are discovered.
W.H. Perkin produces aniline purple, the first synthetic dye.
Henry Bessemer develops a process for making steel in large quantities.
"Big Ben" is cast in the Whitechapel Bell Factory.

1857 to 1858 – The Indian Mutiny leads to direct administration of India by the British government.

1857 – Speculation in U.S. railways shares causes European financial crisis.
The Russian serfs are emancipated.

1858 – Darwin and Wallace communicate the theory of evolution by natural selection to the Linnaean Society.
Launching of the Great Eastern, the largest ship of the time (27,000 tons).

1859 – The Suez Canal is built in Egypt.
R.L.G. Plante invents the first practical storage battery.

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