Sunday, February 3, 2008

Aerodromes and Skyships, Part 1 - Abbotts Aerodrome & The Scurvy Tower

One of the many walkways to Abbott's Aerodrome

With the prolific interest in SL aeronautics, I decided to take an opportunity to visit some second life aerodromes, and see what offerings, both in locations and equipment, for Steampunk, and for essentially what would be the post-Edwardian era (e.g. WW1 to just before WW2). It was a bit of a challenge, especially since the bulk of aviation and associated genres exist after the normative Steampunk timeframe (late 1800’s to the current era), and most heavier and lighter than aircraft have a 20th century design.

Nonetheless, searching is half of the enjoyment, and as such, I decided to see what is on the horizon…

Picturesque fountain near landing point

Abbott's Aerodrome
Possibly the best known purveyor of aircraft in SL, I decided to visit and see what Cubey Terra, the renown SL aviator had in his hangar.

Upon arrival, you are presented with a tp map, showing the locations available for investigation. I, needing some refreshment (quite a late night down in the tropics), I decided to visit the center complex.

Gateway to the dock

After looking at a number of garment and related items (e.g. jackets, armored suits (non-steampunked, unfortunately), and his superb free tp system (I use it at the Quarterdeck – dependable as a clock), I indulged in a delicious cup of Terrabuck coffee (just as I simultaneously enjoyed a rl cup – lol)!

The drivable airship waiting for a spin

Locating the airship dock, I went to see one of the "old standards" of airship in SL…
and found the Cubey Terra Airship 4 waiting. Big, easy to fly, and allows some limited modificaitons, but no "steampunk" option (lol)! Even so, you can take the big fellow for a spin, and get a gratis feel for it.

Biplanes at the ready

Furhter along, his selection of biplanes await, which I understand are quite good, espeically using the Terra combat system. A couple of planes (e.g. the Airco DH.2, Nieuport 17) have two version together, the combat version, and a very high prim (200+) version for display.

Finally, at the end of the runway, my own toy, the Orinthopter 2 is on display. Loved seeing them in in aerial combat in "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", sooo… I had to get one of my own. It can be a challenge to fly, but I do have a soft spot for the old girl!

Orinthopter at the ready


A multitude of ships awaiting one's examination

Scurvy Tower

The location I purchased my first ship, a Twindola, Scurvy Tower is a unique build in SL – it is what could be best called a "tree" of airships… lots of airships! If you look closely, I am on the rust covered air barge.

Ah, the old twindola, a veritable workhorse

The Scurvy tower in located in a sim with heavy usage by nautical individuals – as can be seen from by the Second Life Sailing Foundation time scoring devices in the above picture. Still, it maintains a very dedicated Steampunk feel, and there is plenty of open air to fly in your newest acquisition, as you want.

A secondary shot of the ships at the tower

Taking the elevator (a bit of a change from self-flight), I visited a rezzed version of my little twindola. Served its purpose quite well from the "old days" as a noob, floating around Caledon’s eight sims (November of 06, I believe). Don’t use it much anymore, but it was good to see it again.

At the base, preparing to depart

Well, taking the elevator back down, its off to the next pair of aerodromes….

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