Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mentions, projects, and other thoughts...

The new home of the Connolly Telegraph, located in Port Babbage - adjacent to the Connolly Air Station

I have been a bit remiss recently to attend to a number of items I had wanted to address. So to begin…

Sign used to advertise the New Babbage Ning community in-world

New Babbage Ning

I created the New Babbage Ning as a backup to the New Babbage Forums (when it fell offline for a few days), but it is slowly garnering a life of its own. As such, I will attempt to keep it active with updates and discussions, the ultimate goal of which is adding a bit of offline line NB community and hopefully promoting RP within the New Babbage sim.

The Mayor has a master plan he is working on, but I’m certainly hoping that residents will feel free to add their own avatar backgrounds to the NB Ning. If you have any questions regarding the New Babbage Ning (or other associated Victorian SL Ning communities – currently New Toulouse and Winterfell), simply click on one of the sidebars near the top, and you’ll end up at your destination.

Three quarters view of the stunning ironclad by Miss Murno

Beautiful Ironclad Workmanship

I had stumbled upon a fantastic ironclad built by a Miss Murno, docked in Port Babbage. As breath-taking as it was, she had no scripts to enable its movement. If anyone has a lead on nautical navigation scripts that I may pass onto her, please contact me. I would certainly love to see such a craft upon the seaways of SL!

Dead-on image of the same ship, show the trifecta of turrets!


Image of a Steampunk-modded ipod by Miss VictorianSteampunk at

More Victorian Podcast information

One item I failed to mention last night was some of online classics for a free download at itunes. The University of Southern Florida (USF) has a number of classic books read by … well, I assume it was a labor of love, not of compensation and leave it at that.

Nonetheless, some of the more Steampunk-esque books available at "Lit2Go" are: "Around the World in 80 Days" (Verne); "War of the Worlds" (Wells); "Treasure Island" (Stevenson); "Frankenstein" (Shelly); "Dracula" (Stoker); and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" (Twain).

The price is good (free), and it is a nice change to listen to a classic when one is tired of music on the trusty G4 ipod (it is still working well in its green and black glory, tyvm!)


Edward Pearse, Earl of Primbroke said...

I'm currently looking for a craftman to built a custom monitor class ship for me. I was wondering whether Miss Murno might be a typo and it was Miss Munro or whether the creator might be someone else entirely.

Doctor Grymm said...

Ahh I see another wonderful iPod Mod in the works, However I'm distressed that there was no Mention of Doctor grymm's Steampunk "Eye-Pod" (Now on display at the Steampunk Exhibit in the UK)


Doctor Grymm