Friday, February 29, 2008

Steampunk Shoppes: C. Capalini Fine Furnishings

The establishment in the heart of the Babbage Canals

The other day came across Miss Capalini while she was finishing with a booth in preparations for Ruby’s grand opening. Mr. Dagger had asked me to look at her work, and upon doing so, she explained some of the details that she had incorporated into her efforts (e.g. woodgrains image management, details on the couch).

Music box display - with three choices, and custom work available (for that special someone)

During our discussion, she showed me a number of items she had been working on, her newest project, era-specific music boxes. She currently has three for sale, each with excellent attention to detail and a unique musical accompaniment.

A Gentleman's globe - and then some!

After which, she showed me another of her works which was nothing short of brilliant. She has a beautiful globe, with a spinning animation, and a magnifying glass attached to it. The graphic work on the sphere is very well done, down to small detail of "British Airship" on the map’s key. The animation is comfortable, with a consistent spin, but with the graphics still visible on it.

Her furniture works on display

Her interiors are exquisite, with two sets of furniture, an classical set and an arts and crafts set. Additionally, there are a number of additional items that work well in Victorian/Steampunk d├ęcor. Her items may be a bit high primed for some, but the prims are put to good use in her work. If one is looking for very high quality and beautiful items, Canolini Fine Furnishings is worth the trip to the Canals.

An elegantly crafted tea set - a very well done design


L.Hall said...

Really, Dr. Fabre, you didn't have to. Thank you very much for you kind words.

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Madam, your work is quite good, and I stand by my opnion of your good work.
Dr. Fabre

Skusting Dagger said...

I'd just like to point out the care that Miss Capalini puts into making her furnishings comfortable. She selects wonderful poses for her furniture, many pieces of which have multiple poses. And do try out the hope chest at the foot of the bed... it can be hidden in, and sat upon. One can also hide in the standing closet!
She's a very special lady, that one!