Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Victorian / Steampunk Timeline (RL), 1881 - 1890

1881 – Louis Pasteur develops the first artificaial vaccine against anthrax in sheep.
The Vatican archives are first opened to scholars.

1882 – Hiram Maxim invents the machine gun

1883 – The Orient Express begins operation.
Krakatoa erupts in the Dutch East Indies, creating a tsumani that kills 36,000 in Java and Sumatra.
Nikola Tesla invents the electric motor

1884 – The Berlin Conference recoginzes European spheres of influence in Africa
Greenwich time established as the international standard at a meeting in Washington D.C.

1885 – King Leopold II of Belgium takes personal possession of the Congo.
Sir Francis Galton proves the individuality of fingerprints.

1886 to 1896 – A hydroelectric plant is constructed at Niagara Falls

1888 – Heinrich Hertz produces and detects radio waves
Jack the Ripper murders six long prostitutes.

1889 – Fredrick Able invents Cordite.
The Eiffel Tower is built in Paris; it is then the world’s tallest structure (993 ft).

1890 – Thomas Edison arranges the first electrocution to demonstrate the dangers of alternating current.
Herman Hollerith develops a punched card reader for the use of tabulating U.S. Census returns.

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