Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Babbage Canals - Ruby's on St. Patrick's Day

The Canal's favorite watering hole...

(Babbage Canals) - Afraid that I must attend to some RL business this evening, but I did want to post the photos I was able to take during Ruby's Grand Re-Opening. Had a fantastic time, and it was very good to see many of the individuals I have only known through the Babbage Ning, but also good to see those I've know for quite a while!

At the bar (r to l: Miss Lubezki, myself, Miss Frye, Mr. Dagger (behind the bar), Mr. Doyle, Miss Capalini, Mr. Whitfield, and an unnamed lady - sorry, madam!)

Dancing the jig... (l to r: Miss Laval, Mr. Goodlife, and Miss Guyot)

At the bar, with Mr. Dagger tending

The urchins talking about ... stuff, I imagine (l to r: Myrtil, Jimmy, and Wilfric)

Surveying the crowd at Ruby's

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Skusting Dagger said...

Thank you so kindly for the case of ales. The Dagger Ale in particular. As for those urchins... they're likely plotting a way to sneak a pint or two behind Miss Capalini's back. I believe your unnamed lady is Miss Jenilicious DeCuir of Antiquity.