Monday, March 24, 2008

Steampunk Media: Airships II (& a submarine!)

"Airship" by 3dijin - Excellent work, probably one of the best Steampunk airship works I've seen in recent months.

(Port Babbage) - Still busy recovering from the weekend, but hated missing a day for a post (lol)! As such, I re-discovered some of the fantastic artwork I had located on Deviant Art awhile back... again, feel free to view further works of these aspiring artists... at Deviant Art!

"Airship over Desert" by Silversword9 - A stunningly crafted ship, with exquisite details over a well-done background.

"Steampunk Blimp" by dudedudely222 - Minimalistic, but love the rivets!

"Steampunk Concept" by Lebbus - A superb design, and a good study in motion (from the vents - steam, I assume!)

"Airship 2" by Celestial_Hero - Lovingly crafted, Mr. Hero has produced a stunning work of art... only wished I could have found the masts!

"Airship" by Tacticangel - Great classic design and love the paperwork - great job!

"Steampunk Submersible" by Goran Delic - Menasing design, but beautifuly done, and love the icthyologic twist on the ship!


K T Cat said...

Fantastic art! I linked to you from this post about airships being the best post-apocalyptic vehicle of all.

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

My thanks, madam - but its the eye of the artists I'm simply presenting who merit the kudos!