Friday, March 28, 2008

Steampunk Travelogue: New Babbage Watering Holes, Part 1

What lies down this alley?....

New Babbage may seem as if it is a serene place, but it actually has numerous "watering holes" - one only has to do a bit of walking to find them. Allow me to highlight a pair...

Stuck behind the ficus at Contrivers

Contrivers Concord, Port Babbage

On the alley to the right of the Quarterdeck, if one follows it to the end, a realxing gem can be found hidden from the bustle of New Babbage.

A better view of the outdoor facilities

A locale adjacent to my own abode, Contrivers is a serene location, which for the moment, overlooks the ether. It is very well built, but does not receive the traffic it merits. Plenty of seats, quiet, and simply a nice place to relax.

----- -----

The Rusty Cog, Babbage Square

Another original establishment is the Rusty Cog, a spacious and well designed locale in the northeast corner of the old town.

Stage & Bar at the Cog

I have not had the opportunity to visit an event here, but it certainly has the space and demeanor for gatherings and parties. The grammaphone will play a selection of musical pieces from its menu upon request.

A cozy sofa infront of the fireplace

Hopefully more events and celebrations in the near future will attract the crowds to these quite nice locations!

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