Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grand Opening of Apocolyptica...

From the owners of Steampowered Nuts and Unzipped (Mr. Thomas Keen and Miss Destany Laval) comes the first Steampunk combat sim - Apocolyptica! They have taken their own unique (but quite recognizable) brand of steampunk and applied to a combat rp environment. After perusing their extensive retail outlet, do consider investigating Apocolyptica, as to quote the group trailer...

"A full DCS2 Steampunk / post-apoclypitic themed sim. Where the past emerges in a dark future. Rebuild or Destroy? You Decide!"

I am quite the fan of new ideas, and certainly hope for the best with Apocolyptica.

To visit the locale directly, please turn left to:

Also, to visit their website (which is still undergoing a bit of construction), please turn right to:

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