Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Open Space Sim discussions...

Quite a bit of discussion is flying about regarding the open space sim pricing modification that LL has sprung on the unsuspecting populace. As complex as it has become, I thought it might be a good point to have some links to the more notable exchanges going on, such as:

The original Linden Labs notificaion about the Open Space sim price increase:

The further discussion "hosted" by Linden Labs regarding their policy modificaion...
(currently at 94 pages of complaints, once you pass the initial comments...)

A transcript involving notable land owners, including Desmond Shang (Caledon), Alliez Mysterio (D'Alliez), SteelCobra Calamari (Steeltopia, hosted on his Ning), and a plethora of other well known Steampunk and SL Victorian individuals...

One upshot of this development is the potential loss of Dr. Obolensky's Clockspire, which would be a profound loss for the SL Steampunk realms, as it has quickly established itself as one of its gems...

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For a more expansive view, here is the blog "Go Fug Your SL", which has an even more expansive collection of links/comments on this topic:

In addition, Vint Falken also has a good number of comments...

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