Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grand Opening of Apocolyptica...

From the owners of Steampowered Nuts and Unzipped (Mr. Thomas Keen and Miss Destany Laval) comes the first Steampunk combat sim - Apocolyptica! They have taken their own unique (but quite recognizable) brand of steampunk and applied to a combat rp environment. After perusing their extensive retail outlet, do consider investigating Apocolyptica, as to quote the group trailer...

"A full DCS2 Steampunk / post-apoclypitic themed sim. Where the past emerges in a dark future. Rebuild or Destroy? You Decide!"

I am quite the fan of new ideas, and certainly hope for the best with Apocolyptica.

To visit the locale directly, please turn left to:

Also, to visit their website (which is still undergoing a bit of construction), please turn right to:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Open Space Sim discussions...

Quite a bit of discussion is flying about regarding the open space sim pricing modification that LL has sprung on the unsuspecting populace. As complex as it has become, I thought it might be a good point to have some links to the more notable exchanges going on, such as:

The original Linden Labs notificaion about the Open Space sim price increase:

The further discussion "hosted" by Linden Labs regarding their policy modificaion...
(currently at 94 pages of complaints, once you pass the initial comments...)

A transcript involving notable land owners, including Desmond Shang (Caledon), Alliez Mysterio (D'Alliez), SteelCobra Calamari (Steeltopia, hosted on his Ning), and a plethora of other well known Steampunk and SL Victorian individuals...

One upshot of this development is the potential loss of Dr. Obolensky's Clockspire, which would be a profound loss for the SL Steampunk realms, as it has quickly established itself as one of its gems...

~~~~~ ~~~~~

For a more expansive view, here is the blog "Go Fug Your SL", which has an even more expansive collection of links/comments on this topic:

In addition, Vint Falken also has a good number of comments...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Steampunk Guide to Vienna, Austria

Stumbled upon this work a bit ago, and though the inclusion of modern parts of Vienna are unavoidable, aspects of the video are quite inspirational. I particularly liked the Palmen Haus' architecture and design. As the author of this work stated..

A compilation of videos to show a steampunk side to Vienna (Austria). Strictly, Vienna isn't Victorian. It's more Biedermeyer and Jugendstill. There is so much to see from the nineteenth century...However, the Palmen Haus in the park of Schönbrunn is a piece of architecture one really has to visit "as a steampunk". An excellent way to get out of the rain, too.The U4 subway line is one of the oldest that still shows it.Not far from Vienna is the Südbahn over the Semmering Pass. It was a superb piece of technique that made the vital connection from Vienna to Triest. From Vienna to Payenbach-Reichenau, and then over te pass to Mürzzuschlag. If you get an early train you have time to visit the Südbahnmuseum in Mürzzuschlag (accross the station).The Hundertwasserhaus is modern (built 1985), yet is fascinating in its architecture. The Prater is something for everyone. I didn't visit the Vienna Airlines, but I do think every steampunk has to visit it. It's a "5D experience".In Grinzing you can eat and drink all you want in a southern style environment. Especially in summer.Places like Aida have a feeling of the past.The Technik Museum is also very interesting. If you have the time, also visit Bratislava (Slowakia), only n hour by train from Vienna.

Most certainly an illuminating video - make one wonder how much "Steampunk" is located in one own's city.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Results from the Koinup Steampunk Photography contest...

The winners of the 1st Koinup Steampunk photography contest were announced, and they were...

Eves Rodenberger,

Below are a few examples of their efforts in the Koinup Steampunk contest...

Mr. Panteleimon Aeon "Gaslight Solicitation"...

...Marmaduke Arado's "Snapshot 209"...

... and Miss Eve Rodenberger's "Absinthe Bar"

Congratulations to all of the winners of the contest for their hard work and efforts! There were plenty of outstanding works and a couple more photographer's efforts caught my eye, such as...

Miss Cienega Soon's superb extrapolation of femininity and Steampunk technology...

... my favorite Steampunk penguin, Mr. Ida (Good to see you again, sir!)...

... and my good friend and New Babbage's own Miss Bela Lubezki's "Landship Breakdown".
To see more of these outstanding works, please turn to:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Steampunk in Abney Park

A short narrative about Abney Park's Steampunk roots, it is certainly a unique and intersting take on the band's history. (Btw -the video runs about four and a quarter minutes, vice the total of six listed).

Outstanding overview, and certainly worth the time to watch for the visual elements displayed!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Titanium and Brass Photochromatic, Variable-Aperture Goggles

The Titanium and Brass Photochromatic, Variable-Aperture Goggles in their original protective casing

Earlier this week Mr. Mike Brown, the Principal Artist at Highmoon Studios, forwarded photos of these amazingly beautiful ocular protectors, the Titanium and Brass Photochromatic, Variable-Aperture Goggles - perhaps the most intricate set of goggles I have ever seen!

A small demonstration of the focal iris diopters built into the goggles!

Instead of attempting to recount the excruciating detail explaining the construction and assembly of this gem, I instead recommend one visits "SmugMug" website, which has the complete range of photos, including a demonstration of the unique aspects of its construction.

To see the Titanium and Brass Photochromatic, Variable-Aperture Goggles in their full glory, please turn to:

Monday, October 20, 2008

Phenomenal weekend at the Inventor's Expo in Rivet Town!

Rivet Town, as seen from the old Rivet Town Beach

This weekend marks a watershed in Second Life Steampunk events, with the first annual Inventor’s Exposition in Rivet Town. This expansive celebration of all things Steampunk opened with a speech from Pathfinder Linden, and was attended by luminaries of the SL Steampunk community, including such upstanding individuals as Miss Jenne Dibou, (Propritress of ~JD~), Miss Viv Trafalgar (Hostess of the Steampunk Salon) and an icon of SL Steampunk, Miss Ordinal Malaprop. Upon the completion of his speech regarding the creativity and effort regarding Steampunk inspiration, culminating with advent of Rivet Town, the tours of the town started, the builder competitions began, and the Inventor’s Expo was officially open!

Pathfinder Linden giving his speech to the attendees

One of the more popular events was the Speed Builder contest, requiring contestants to build a designated Steampunk object within 60 minutes, using only 60 prims. Five contests took place, with Miss Selkett Felwhich taking the top spot in the first and third events (designing a Steampunk musical instrument and a Time machine), Jongo Balzo took the Steampunk Drink Dispenser showdown, Mr. Kheph777 Enoch excelled in the fourth competition (Steampunk Traffic Light), and the final event was won by Sidney Arctor, in the Clockwork Creature competition.

Miss Felwhich and her award winning time machine

Numerous discussions took place throughout the weekend, ranging from an analysis of the Steampunk genre to conversations on RP, but alas, I was enthralled by the vendor’s displays at Rivet Beach, perhaps the single largest collection of Aeroships that I have personally seen in one place in SL. Additionally, a vast quantity of good competing in the "Best of…" categories were present, and I frequently found myself visiting vendor’s main stores, as did many other visitors to the beach! (I missed the fashion show, but from reading the description in Steam Patent, Rivet Town’s aether news guide, I understand it was quite impressive, with very well known designers (including Prelude, Arundel Design, Fushia’s Frocks, and Unzipped & Steam Powered Nuts) displaying their latest and best creations).

Overview of the Rivet Town Beach and the vendors (and the multitude of vehicles!)

Finally, every evening had a celebratory event, allowing all involved to relax and relate the events of the day. Miss Loudon, Mr. Weezles, Miss Easterman, and the rest of the Rivet Town managerial team did an outstanding job of planning, coordinating, and planning such a complex event – setting a new standard for major events in Second Life Steampunk and Neo-Victorian circles. Congratulations on a job well done!

A quiet evening in Rivet Town East, after the Expo, of course!

For further information regarding the first annual Inventor’s Expo, please visit:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An Astounding Masquerade Ball!

The Masquarde ball dancing began from the early evening....

Once again, Mr. Skusting and Miss Carver held an impressive (easliy measured by the lag), and stellar event that is quickly proving to be a regular sensation in SL Steampunk and Neo-Victorian circles! The official visitor count for the event has not been released, but I would easily estimate that it surpasses last month's Engineers Ball.

... yet was still a thriving event late into the night!

The Mr. and Missess have done a yeoman job in holding the ball, and I am not certain how they can surpass this endevor, but I am certainly looking forward to the next event!

For further details and photographs regarding the Masquarde Ball, please visit:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Steampunk Events this weekend...

This weekend is quite literally chock full of excitement in the Steampunk realms, with two major events taking place...

Steelhead's Sci Fi Dance (Kokopelli) - Friday, the 17th, starting at 7PM, SLT

Rivet Town Inventor's Expo (The entire Rivet Town sim) - Running Friday, the 17th to Sunday the 19th (full details outlined in the previous [lengthy] entry)

New Babbage Masquarde Ball (Piermont Landing, Wheatstone Waterways) - Saturday, the 18th, starting at 6PM, SLT

{My apologies for the brevity of this and a few upcoming posts, as I am currently involved with a supplemental project for the Heliograph, which will ideally be ready next week.}

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More regarding the Inventor's Expo in Rivet town this weekend

Mr. Weezles was kind enough to provide an extended schedule of the upcoming Inventor's Expo, starting on Friday the 17th, and lasting until late Sunday, the 19th. The events will be as follows:

Friday, October 17th
Vendor and Exhibitions can be set up in designated areas.

4PM – Rivet Town Factory Yard Steampunk Fashion Show
Several designers will be represented showing off the best and most steamy of men’s and women’s steampunk fashions.
Location: North Town Factory Yard

6PM – Speed Building Contest – 2000 L$ prize
The challenge has been set. Inventors and innovators from around the globe are descending on Rivet Town. As they get settled in for a weekend of discussion and socialzing, they will be challenged to a building duel that will highlight their creativity and proficiency. All levels of builders are welcome to participate. There will also be plenty of room for spectators to watch the fun!
Registration to compete is only $100
Steampunk theme to be announced at the start of the round!
60 minutes, 60 prims
Location: Held on six (6) contest platforms located across Rivet Town

Saturday, October 18th
Vendor Booths will be open in North Town and East Town. Steam Exhibition will be available for viewing on Rivet Beach

1PM – Keynote speaker Pathfinder Linden on Inventiveness and Creativity in SL.
Mr. Linden will give a short speech that will be rebroadcast in Rivet Town Chat. An open discussion and question session will follow.
Location: In the Courtyard and in front of the Library.
[The Library and the North Town courtyard will be available all day for discussion on topics of science, steampunks, building, and Rivet Town. We invite those interested in leading a discussion to contact Grace Loudon or Harper Weezles.]

1:30 PM – Live Guided Tours of Rivet Town will begin at the Library.
Tours are conducted by Rivet Town citizens who are happy to show off their town by foot or by air. Tours will continue through the day. Anyone interested in taking a tour may sign up at the library.

2PM – Speed Building Contest – 2000 L$ prize
The challenge has been set. Inventors and innovators from around the globe are descending on Rivet Town. As they get settled in for a weekend of discussion and socializing, they will be challenged to a building duel that will highlight their creativity and proficiency. All levels of builders are welcome to participate. There will also be plenty of room for spectators to watch the fun!
Registration to compete is only $100
Steampunk theme to be announced at the start of the round!
60 minutes, 60 prims
Location: Held on six (6) contest platforms located across Rivet Town

3:30PM – Special Guest Speaker on "What makes the Steampunk Genre?"
Locaiton: Town Square in Rivet Town North

4PM – Speed Building Contest
5:30PM – Open discussion on Rivet Town – Get your questions answered about being a new citizen. Hosted by our sim coordinator Grace Loudon.
Location: In the Beach House on Rivet Beach

6PM – Form Dress Ball to celebrate inventors and innovators.
Dress is your finest formal. All special guests should meet in the library to sign up to be announced at the door. Special guests are all vendors, inventors, and contest participants. Dance to be held in the Steamfitter’s Union Hall.

6:30PM – Once you tire of the fancy dresses and polite politics of the East side of town, you may choose to go to the Iron Head Tavern in North Town for some high spirited dancing and fun.
A full bar and the best ribs in all of Rivet Town can be enjoyed by all. The proprietor is not responsible for the care and cleaning of any fine clothes that may be ruined.

Sunday, October 19th
Vendor Booths will be open in North Town and East Town. Steam Exhibitions will be available for viewing on Rivet Beach.

12 (Noon) PM – Live Guided Tours of Rivet Town will begin at the Library.
Tours are conducted by Rivet Town citizens who are happy to show off their town by foot or by air. Tours will continue through the day. Anyone interested in taking a tour may sign up at the library.

12:30 PM – Speed Building Contest – 2000 L$ prize
The challenge has been set. Inventors and innovators from around the globe are descending on Rivet Town. As they get settled in for a weekend of discussion and socializing, they will be challenged to a building duel that will highlight their creativity and proficiency. All levels of builders are welcome to participate. There will also be plenty of room for spectators to watch the fun!
Registration to compete is only $100
Steampunk theme to be announced at the start of the round!
60 minutes, 60 prims
Location: Held on six (6) contest platforms located across Rivet Town

2PM – Special guest speaker on "Role Play 101".
Discussion on the elements of role play that make it a creative and fun way for everyone to enjoy wrapping themselves in a good story.
Location: Town square in Rivet Town North.

3PM – Speed Building Contest – 2000 L$ prize
The challenge has been set. Inventors and innovators from around the globe are descending on Rivet Town. As they get settled in for a weekend of discussion and socializing, they will be challenged to a building duel that will highlight their creativity and proficiency. All levels of builders are welcome to participate. There will also be plenty of room for spectators to watch the fun!
Registration to compete is only $100
Steampunk theme to be announced at the start of the round!
60 minutes, 60 prims
Location: Held on six (6) contest platforms located across Rivet Town

4:30PM – Open discussion on Rivet Town

5:30PM – Wild and rowdy dance as only the North Towners can do it.
We'll will take over the Steamworks Metal Factor and turn it into a huge dance club to throw our final bash of the weekend. Dancing and fun to be had for all who attend!
Location: Metal Factory.

Last Day for Steampunk Photographic Submissions on Koinup

As stated in New World Notes, ( ), October 16th is the deadline for submissions to Koinup's "Steampunk Contest", which as you can see, has a concentration on Steampunk photography.

For further information on how to participate, please turn to the contest rules, located at: .

To see the current photographic efforts in the contest, please turn to: .

[Interstingly, this piece has a link to "Steampunk sims in Second Life"... I will give them kudos for including Rivet Town, Steelhead, and Fair Chang Steam Isle, but...

1) I never really considered Caledon Victoria City to be the best representation of Steampunk in Caledon. I would have thought that Caledon SteamSkyCity or Glamorgan would have been more appropriate representations of its Steampunk venues.

2) Apparently Koinup forgort about the largest Steampunk sim in SL.. New Babbage! I'll restrain from pithy comments, but this is a pretty grevious oversight on the part of the person doing the research. To read this piece, please turn to... ]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Neo-Victorian Military Uniforms, Part 2

Wandering around the Vernian Sea in the Aerodyne Skyship Captain uniform (seems a bit counter intuitive, now that I think about it...)

As part of the continuing series of SL Victorian and Steampunk Militaria, four more choices for attire are on the agenda for this piece. So without further ado…

La Bicyclette (Antiquity Township)

One of the oldest suppliers of militaria in the SL Neo-Victorian realms, La Bicyclette has a number of options for those wishing to recreate the splendor of an earlier age.

My good friend Miss Tombola has a variety of uniforms spanning the early to late 19th century, and a couple of early 20th century designs, with one of my favorites being the (fill in), which is reminiscent of the adventurers of the early 30’s (not to name a specific movie series…)

(The aforementioned garments)...

To visit her Antiquity Township store, please turn to:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Old Glory (Steelhead Boomtown)

As Steelhead is a recreation of a western US city (with strong Steampunk overtones), Old Glory is a perfect fit, providing high quality recreation of both Union and Confederate attire.

A comprehensive collection of US Civil War attire can be found here

One best aspect of the goods provided is the attention to detail of not only the workmanship, but the inclusion of additional accessories, flags, and other items from this era. Whether your choice be Blue or Grey, one cannot go wrong when acquiring a uniform from Old Glory.

To visit Old Glory, please turn to:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Battlefield’s (Antiquity Shouls)

Another provider of military attire in SL Neo-Victorian simulations, Battlefield’s, in Antiquity Shouls’ Legionnaire’s Square not only provides the official uniform for the Napoleon’s Empire Army, but carries other options for military gear.

Space is being cleared for more items to come!....

In addition to the era specific uniforms, I was completely surprised to see a Guardia Civil uniform (Spanish Military Police – the guys with the hats that are flat in the back) in stock (another first for me in SL). If I’m not mistaken, they are undergoing a review of their stock currently, but even so, I do heartily recommend a visit!

To visit Battlefields, please head towards:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

Xcentricity (Port Babbage)

Perhaps it was kismet that I happened to finally meet the delightful Miss Nix Sands while she was performing some maintenance in her Port Babbage store, as I was lucky enough to discover a unique and impressive Steampunk Aeronautic uniform. Though she may not be known for military attire, her "Aerodyne Sky Captain" uniform sets a new standard for Steampunk militaria. The set comprises of basic pieces, but also includes a number of interchangeable items, such as vests, pants, gloves and more – all done with quite colorful panache.

The prim work on the epaulets and cuffs are outstanding, both having a trilobites motif constructed in excruciating detail. Additionally, her "Airship Captain's Crushed Cap" is a must-have addition to the set, but even this simple item comes with impressive additions, including glasses that fold up and down, and more of her exemplary detail work on the military cover.

During our discussion, she informed me that the "Aerodyne Captain" was in the running at the Rivet Town Inventor’s Expo – I’m quite happy that I waited (procrastinated) to submit my vote, as I do believe this is one of the best Steampunk uniforms in SL.

To visit her Caledon Penzance flagship store, please turn to:

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

(Hey, who is this fellow? Miss Tombola must have been pretty desperate to have this ugly mug on her photos!)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend events and and Mr. Drinkwater's electorial race...

A quick post for some upcoming events this weekend...

Saturday, 11th of October

Fort Fox Party (12pm – 1pm SLT)
(Antiquity Tortuga)

Nautical Battles (8pm SLT)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

Sunday, 12th of October

Antiquity Sea Battle
(12 pm SLT – noon)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

Aether Salon Meeting at 2pm SLT
(Babbage Palisades)
We have adjusted the time of the Salon in order to allow several speakers to join us - including Mr. Django Yifu, to talk about the Monster Hand; several individuals to address issues related to the Amulet; and (we hope) additional speakers to talk about warding charms and how to attract and repel mummies of all sorts.

Concert in the Park (3pm SLT)
(Antiquity Township)

Antiquity Sea Battle (6pm SLT)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

Monday, 13th of October

Geisha Show (12 pm SLT – noon)
(Antiquity Township East)

Antiquity Sea Battle (Long Ships) (8pm SLT)
(Antiquity Lagoon)

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

As far as the request for the electorial effort, I'm afraid if you were expecting someting as pedandtic as the US presidental elections, you will be most dissapointed. In actuality, New World Notes has listed one of SL Steampunk & Neo-Victorian most notable individuals in the "Top Ten Hottest Male Avatars List" competition - Mr. JJ Drinkwater! In an effort to support his canidacy, I would kindly request that anyone who might be intersted in seeing his becoming, um, "Hot and Steamy Fellow", please place your vote at the following location:

As of this writing, he is in 2nd place, but far behind the leader, a Mr. McBride, by a rate of 24.7% to 43.2%. Voting ends at on Halloweeen, so please do stop by and vote for Mr. Drinkwater!

Update on links and a return to Steampunk Wallpaper

Bit of a transitional post, as I've been exceptionally busy IRL, along with an attempt to update the links and websites on the Heliograph. I have added one small link list - one for attire for gentlemen. I've been approached on occasion (to my suprise) about locales where a proper gentlemen can acquire presentable attire for Steampunk and Victorian sims. Started a small list below, which is by no means comprehensive, but certainly worth a purview.

Additionally, don't forget outstanding Steampunk Wall paper site! It is still clicking along, with one new steampunk wallpaper a day, including the snappy image of the Aero-corps captain above! To visit it, please turn to...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Departures, Arrivals, and a "Thank you"!

The outside facade of the Willow Teahouse - an accurate and beautiful rendition of RL Steampunk genre architecture

The past few months have seen an impressive amount of changes, with new additions and losses in the SL Steampunk world, and as the Heliograph has hit its milestone, I felt I should mention a few…


Three notable losses to the SL Steampunk community, though it seems as if only one has been recognized. The Vernian Sea light was disassembled after Kandace Common’s departure from New Babbage, which caused a bit of consternation to some, but perhaps a greater loss took place and went seemingly unnoticed in New Babbage. The Willow Tea House, which used to be located in the Northwestern corner of Port Babbage has gone the way of the wind, which is perhaps a greater loss to New Babbage, in a purer Steampunk sense, as it encompased a new artistic movement in design in RL, eventually leading to the well known Art Deco movement.

Miss Echegray taking moment to relax from her busy building effort

The owner of the build, a Miss E. Echegray, had built the Willow based on the forward thinking architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Her attention to detail and efforts to recreate his work was impressive, and the changes to the her garden only added to the charm of the build. However, it is now gone, a sad and unappreciated loss to New Babbage. For reference to the original article I wrote earlier this year, please visit...

Aero view of Laputa, in happier days

Continuing with discouraging losses, it appears the Steampunk sim of Laputa has fallen off the grid. A unique sim which existed on a floating (as in "floating in the sky"), seems to have passed away with minimal recognition. The builder was quite talented, but unfortunately the "Sky City" is no longer, except in photos…


Rivet Town, an up and coming Steampunk sim, with an emphasis on Steampunk Role Play

First and foremost, is the new Steampunk sim of Rivet Town. Miss Grace Loudon has not only built a visually stunning sim, but has been quite pro-active in managing its vivid role playing environment. The sims encompasses various aspects of the Steampunk era, including a wealthy section (the Eastern portion), a down trodden section (the Northern section), and with the Inventor’s Exposition taking place next weekend, it appears that Rivet Town has a very bright and steamy future (ok, terrible pun – my apologies)! To keep up with events in Rivet Town, you should join their in-world group, but do visit their off-world site, Steam Patent!

The docks of the North End of Rivet Town

As I discovered in Mr. O’Toole’s smart blog today, (Hibernia on the Skids), he broke the news that Steelhead Port Harbor will be the newest Steelhead sim to emerge in SL– with an emphasis on skyships, including a skyport – sounds like a regular Steampunk Casablanca! I am most certainly looking forward to the Port Harbor’s grand opening! More on this at Hibernia on the Skids…

[Ed Note: Duke Edward Pearse made mention (in the comments - tyvm, sir) of an in-depth link to Mr. Eclipse's blog, with further information about this upcoming Steampunk locale, at:

A beautiful evening at Piermont Landing, during the Engineer's Ball

Another event of note is the opening of Piermont Landing in Wheatstone Waterways, in New Babbage. Mr. Skusting Dagger and his lovely partner, Miss Breezy Carver have made a point of holding monthly balls and dances in New Babbage – a circumstance severely lacking in the City-State up to now. The Engineer’s Ball was a smashing success, and the Masquerade Ball (scheduled to take place this weekend), should be at least as well, if not better attended!

In closing…

The Heliograph’s success rests squarely on the shoulders (and mouse buttons) of the visitors to this blog, so I wanted to give a "Thank you" to all who spend a few moments of their busy day stopping by this small corner of the internet.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Space 1889: The Steppes of Thoth

Many who are familiar with Steampunk know about the classic Space 1889 RPG series, and the introduction of what was later to be recognized as Steampunk. Designed by the renowned Mr. Frank Chadwick, Space 1889 provides the background of how the British Empire expanded onto the Red planet, and the adventures that took place in that alternate universe.

Unfortunatly, it was ahead of its time (ironically), before Steampunk became recognized as the fictional genre it has become identified as. Though the pen-and-paper version passed on to the netherworld of RPGs, a concerted effort emerged to keep Space 1889 alive, in other forms. One means was the Space 1889 Audio Dramas, narratives of adventures on Mars. I have to admit, I was a bit suprised to see it on "You tube". Nicely, it harkens back to the old radio adventures (though I an not quite that old, ty), but the entire series of the Space 1889: The Steppes of Thoth are available, of which I have posted the first, and have added links to the remaining six (do keep in mind - it is an audio series, meaning no images past the CD cover)!

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

And if you wish to further investigate the Space 1889 universe, please visit...

(yes, they did preceed this Heliograph by a couple of years *sigh*!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pardon the changes....

Do excuse the changes - I have been waiting until I surpassed the 100k mark on the counter before I revamped the Heliograph. As a fair warning, I will indulge in a long-winded monologue upon completion and updating of the site, but until then, I shall be busy adding, removing and simply attempting to make this small corner of the internet a bit more Steamy-ier! Thank you in advance for your patience!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Patented Steam Walker - Obtain yours today!

Found this fantaboulous adver for Professor Aloitus Croiden's "Patented Steam Walker"! Looks as if it would be quite enjoyable to take one for a spin (or two)! Enjoy!

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Babbage: R.F. Burton Memorial Library Grand Opening this Weekend!

Photo of Miss Red Llewellyn at the pre-opening of the R.F. Burton Memorial Library of New Babbage

Perhaps the largest Steampunk event this weekend is the Grand Opening of the R.F. Burton Memorial Library of New Babbage... but perhaps I should allow the gracious Miss Capalini provide a more eloquent introduction...

Formal Opening of the R.F. Burton Memorial Library - Everyone is invited

I would like to announce the formal opening of the R. F. Burton Memorial Library in Babbage Canals on October 4th at 5pm SLT. Realizing that most everyone has seen the library, it is high time that there was a formal opening. I would also like to take this opportunity to announce gratefully that Miss Serafina Puchkina has taken the position of head librarian. She has worked very hard to install the books within the walls of the facility, and while we are not done with our additions (always new things to add) we thought we might invite everyone to a small party of library lovers. Everyone is welcome (this includes personages that may be considered of dubious nature; after all, everyone deserves a chance).

Many thanks to Mr. Elihu Leominster for his help in the construction and beautification of the library; to Sir JJ Drinkwater of the Caledonian Library systems for his overwhelmingly gracious help; to Miss Serafina Puchkina for her enthusiasm and work at getting actual books installed; to everyone who contributed to this effort.I would also like to announce some very exciting news.

My cousin and noted Egyptologist, Ghilayne Andrew, has sent me a communiqué that she has found some extraordinary things during her expedition abroad. She is sending me a few items that she thought I might like to display in exhibition at the library. As this communication is rather old, I expect the artifacts could be arriving any day in Port Babbage. If these items arrive in time for the grand opening, I shall of course make it immediately available to the public to view.

Again, everyone is invited.


There you have it! October 4th (Saturday), at 5pm SLT! Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Babbage Masquerade Ball coming soon

Mr. Dagger was kind enough to provide an early copy of the placard for the New Babbage Masquerade Ball, which will take place on Saturday, the 18th of October. As it is one of the new recurring events taking place at the Piermont Landing, I am quite certain it will be as enthralling as the previous Engineer's Ball!