Monday, February 23, 2009

Mayor Tenk is inaugurated as Mayor of New Babbage, and an update on Grand Duke Barrymore

Not exactly the Bible, but... then again, it must be the source of all knowledge in New Babbage

As luck would have it, I was unable to attend the inauguration of Mayor Tenk this past weekend, but was fortunate to have friendly photographer take a few snapshots of the event. I do understand that it was quite laggy (over 50 individuals attended, as goes the unofficial account), and it was good to see a new page turned in New Babbage's history!

On a related note, Grand Duke Barrymore was able to convey his sincerest gratitude for the kind wishes in regards to his circumstances, and with good fortune, will return to full health, so he can return to putting his traditional 28 hour days building and tweaking Antiquity!

A (large) crowd gathers for the ceremony....

... and preparations for the swearing in are under way (as opposed to the "other" swearing)

The guests are a bit restless for the events to begin...

... as is the prospective mayor!

However, the swearing in takes place like "clockwork", with out a single "flub" of a phrase (wouldn't want to have to redo the dialogue again)....

... and after a few minutes, a new tomorrow begins in New Babbage!
For more update for those who were able to attend, please turn to:

(*my thanks to my good friend and associate for taking the photos at the event)

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