Sunday, February 15, 2009

Steampunk Travelogue: Armada

A view of Armada, facing southward

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to acquire a new computer, meaning an upgrade in graphics performance, and an opportunity to toy with SL’s environmental settings. Visited a number of places, which unfortunately failed to impress for my photographic endeavors, but then remembered a new Steampunk locale had been under development. Though I promised to maintain my silence about it as its construction and last details are added to it, I finally received the go-ahead to publish a small bit on it… so I present “Armada”!

The Merchant's Square, in view of the center portion of the town's Oak tree

Armada is not a Stemapunk or Victorian sim in a literal sense, but is perhaps better described as a mixture of Steampunk and Neo-Victorian-ism, with a peppering of piracy, airships, and other nautical aspects. As such, a bit more leeway is provided from the stricter adherence to genre appearance (e.g. a more rough and tumble, and of course, nautical, demeanor).

One of the older abodes aboard Armada

As one can see, Armada isn’t the traditional land mass with streets and houses – it is quite the opposite. Floating on the “Bones of Boats” (hence the website address), it is an entity constructed from the hulls of boats drafted into new and unique duties, with a littering of seaworthy vessels and airships surrounding it.

Enjoying the peace and quiet before the onrush of merchants, sailors, and visitors

I’ve only included a few snippets of this impressive structure, but be assured, there are plenty of ‘nooks and crannies” to explore at Armada. Additionally, it will have an RP aspect which is currently in development.

A few ships are huddled around the main mercantile area - some inhabited, some abandoned

Another aspect of Armada will be an active mer contingent - including abodes for the nautical denizens who inhabit the the aqueous region below the airbreathers.

Yes, there is even a converted pasture for equine visitors!

Though it is slated to open on March 1st, to garner a more extensive view of this new sim, please visit:

or its associated Ning site, at:


There is an extensive system of hidden passageways the traverse the entire city!

Armada - city of mystery and adventure, and only a TP away!


Galactic Baroque said...

Great snaps! Thanks for posting, Doc!

Dr. Rafael Fabre said...

Thank you for the compliments, sir! I hope you see you at the floating isle as some time in the future.