Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steampunk Gaming: The Guns of Icarus

Stumbled upon this trailer for an upcoming game titled "The Guns of Icarus", in which one pilots an airship an a Steampunk/Apocalyptic era (it is a bit vague on it) and completed missions while fighting airplanes and other airships. The technology looks mostly appropriate for the Steampunk genre, if one can exclude the airplanes (I would imagine they are there for game balance), and the weaponry looks like a simple blast (ok, terrible pun, still). The opportunity to pilot an airship certainly holds promise!

Nonetheless, one can hope the game lives up to the quality of the trailer... to learn more about the "Guns of Icarus, please visit Muse Games, at:

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David said...

Hm, interesting. Though, I'm often skeptical about games, so I can't get too excited about a game with hardly any details, I can be hopeful there'll be a decent steampunk game in the works.

But, I'll probably just have to settle for Bioshock 2 inna few months.