Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steampunk in Mainstream media this week...

Two articles of note from the mainstream media about Steampunk this week... first, the New York Times had an intriguing piece on the intellectual rights of the Sherlock Holmes stories.  Very enlightening to see how the rights have progressed over time, and how some of the works came about (e.g. Young Sherlock Holmes, ect...).  To view this article, please turn here:

"Steampunk Elegence", by ~DaisyViktoria
(The lady's main website is located here.)

Of all places to discuss fashion, the Wall Street Journal makes a passing mention about Steampunk, but I shall leave it to the reader to ascertain if it was a compliment, negative statement, or a minor platitude.  To see the article on "What's Out", please turn to:

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Rhianon Jameson said...

The Wall Street Journal also had an article perhaps a week ago on Tesla, and how he's become something of a cult hero. I don't recall if the piece mentioned Steampunk specifically, but that was certainly the context. (The story also mentioned the Tesla Motor Company, which, other than the name, doesn't seem terribly Steampunk to me.)