Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Steampunk Games: Cogs, by Steam

Another Steampunk-esque game has been out for about a year (or so), but seems to have received very little coverage - especially for as well done as it appears.  Cogs, by Steam (the people who brought you Half Life, and other impressive games), is a puzzle game played on a PC.  There are numerous differeing types of challenges to overcome, but perhaps the clip below will better illustrate this small endeavor...

The three-dimensional aspect of Cogs is quite unique, especially as one has a "goal" to achieve - not just simply pushing pieces around.  So if your interests converge on Steampunk and Puzzles, and you happen to be looking for a modestly-priced, but impressive challenge, do consider Cogs!  It can be obtained as a download, at the Steam App Store, at:

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John said...

Also check out a recent release of an iPhone/iOS game: