Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne... on YouTube!

One of the later incarnations of Steampunk for the small screen was a series called "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne".  Most Steampunk enthuiasts are likely familar with the premise of the series (those who might not can follow the Wiki link at the bottom of the entry for more information), but what may not be common knowledge is there is a "SAJV" channel on YouTube, home to twelve of the twenty four episodes produced by the CBC.  The remaining episodes seem to be coming down the proverbial pike, so if one has the time and incliation of watching the adventures of the Airship Aurora (which was won by Mr. Fogg in a rigged poker game), do make it a point of visiting the SAVJ channel on YouTube, at:

(Also, the Wiki for the SAJV is at: )


Edward Pearse said...

I finally managed to finish acquiring the episodes of SAJV some months back (I have been missing the episode called "Royalty"). I do like the show for some of the ideas it came up with, though I'll be the first to admit it suffered badly from writing and acting.

But it was a good try and hopefully we may see something like it on the telly again.

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