Saturday, August 14, 2010

BioShock Infinite - the Steampunk sequal to BioShock has been announced!

Released still from the upcoming BioShock Infinite video game from Irrational Games

Per IO9, I learned that the sequel to BioShock will have a distinct Steampunk flavor to it!  The new release, tentatively titled "BioShock Infinite", will take place on a floating city of Columbia, at the turn of the century, and will tentative be released in 2012.  

Instead of belaboring a secondary narrative, I'll simply point straight away at Kotaku, though the video for it is exceptional!  I might have to acquire an Xbox for this game alone (ok, and for Halo: Reach, but still...)  For more details, please visit:

Aero view of the sky city of Columbia!

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