Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Steampunk Works - Mythania

As I was doing a bit of work on the "Poll Results" entry from last week, I had the good fortune of finding a website belonging to a Mr. Mark William Chase, the force behind the Steampunk world of Mythania.  Mr. Chase has been developing an extensive historical background for Mythania, including culture, science & technology, and more.  He does write fictional stories to provide depth to his work, but I have the impression that he is shouldering this endeavor on his shoulder as time permits.  If you are piqued, do pass by his website and hunt around - its very intersting, and I do look forward to see more on Mythania!

The Mythania website is located at: http://mythania.com/home?rez=1
Mr. Chase's blog (with updates regarding Mythania) is located at: http://mythania.com/blog

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