Friday, July 30, 2010

A quick note on SL events this weekend...

A brief advert for two big SL events taking place this weekend...
Friday will see the grand opening of the Seraph Club in Searph City!  Hosted by Mr. Edward Pearse from 7 to 9 pm, SLT, a cavalcade of classic Jazz, Swing, Swing-revival, and other musical selections will be emanating from the newest entertainment venue in Seraph City... for more information, please visit Through the Filter of a Victorian Aesthetic, at:

Saturday will host the long-awaited 2nd Annual New Babbage Clockwork Ball!  With this Ball's Grandfather Clockwork build challenge, it is certain to be as outstanding as all of the Piermont Landing's events have been!  For more details, please visit the New Babbage Ning, at:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Girl Genius's future plans are released!

Girl Genius, the exceptionally popular and Hugo nominated Gaslamp comic series by Mr. and Mrs. Foglio, has let word pass they Girl Genius will expand into a number of additional mediums in the near future, including Tor graphic novels, prose novels, audio books, the GG Facebook presence, and even serialized in overseas comic magazines.  There is additional mention in an article from Comic Book Resources that a Facebook game based on Girl Genius will be released at some time in the future.  For further details about the CBP news release, please visit it here.  Additionally, for more insight into Girl Genius, CBP did an interview with Mr. Foglio, which can be found here.  Finally, to get a glimspe of the latest online issue of Girl Genius, do visit their website at:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Jane Austen's Fight Club

Today is turning out to be one of those days which need a bit of humour, so I am posting a small clip I first located on Facebook's Steampunk location.  Not exactly Steampunk, but certainly entertaining - do enjoy!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update to weekend events in SL...

A brief update to some SL events taking place in the Steamlands and beyond this weekend...  the first of which is the memorial service for Mr. Gregg Merryman.  The service for Mr. Merryman will take place on Saturday, the 24th of July, from 5pm to 6pm SLT.  For further details regarding this event, please visit the New Babbage Ning, which states there will be formal remembrances and public statements for our passed friend.

Due to the timing of the memorial, the Second Annual Clockwork Ball has been moved to a later date to be announced, projected for the following weekend, the 31st of July, time TBA.

Sunday is "center stage" for Seraph City, as two major events will be taking place this weekend!  First, Miss Ceejay Writer will be hosting Miss Andy Riverstone, an exceptional Jazz singer (and RL graduate of the Shenandoah Conservatory) on Seraph City's first live musical performance - starting at 5pm, SLT!  For more details, please visit the Seraph City Times, at:

The New Champagne Rooms will follow with their traditional Music Appreciation night, hosted by Miss Anhyanka, playing a selection of classic and new music at their new location in Seraph City!  For more details, please visit the New Babbage Ning, at:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The "Future Metropolis" of 1894

External view of a part of the Future Metropolis

As I was scouring IO9 today, their editors desk had a fascinating article on a "future metropolis" designed by a futurist (and better known as a razor manufacturer), King Camp Gillette.  Aside from being a clever marketer, King Camp Gillette had detailed plans for a "...porcelain city with hexagonal sidewalks" in northern New York (on the waterfront of Lake Ontario), from what I can see.

Detail of a room in Gillette's city

In his book, The Human Drift, he explains that the city would be built on top of Niagra Falls, and its water-powered electrical grid would have been designed by the honorable Nikoli Tesla.  The article and its accompanying illustrations are fascination, so I would certainly recommend a quick trip to IO9 for the details, or if even more curious, one can view an online copy of the Human Drift.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Transformer - T2 Model - a video

Attending to RL, but found this clever animation, perhaps the proper way the Transformer franchise should have started!  Please do enjoy!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Highlights from the Steampunk Bizarre Exhibition, 2010

For those (including myself) who were unable to visit the Steampunk Bizarre Exhibit this year, I had the good fortune of locating a brief production of the event - looked like an outstanding affair!  Do enjoy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Steampunk Reviews - Episode 19

Miss Yankee999 once again trains her eagle eye on Steampunk literature, this time on the novella "Clockworks and Corsets".  (and contrary to her YouTube comments, I would say one can never have enough coffee!)  For more information about Clockwork and Corsets, please take a trip to Lyrical Press, located here.

Friday, July 16, 2010

In Memorandum - Mr. Gregg Merryman

Learned today of the passing of Mr. Gregg Merryman.  An outstanding builder and scripter in Second Life, he was always willing to assist to new residents, and tirelessly worked to make the City-State the Steampunk gem it is.  He passed away very recently, and this Son of New Babbage will be sorely missed.
If one wishes to express condolences, please visit the New Babbage Ning.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nemo, the Steampunk City

Mr. Danielknave has produced an excellent gem of cinematography about Nemo, Mr. Sextan Shepherd's Steampunk city, with more sites that previously seen before, including the Orichalcum Mines, the village of Northelia, its namesake Submarine, and the Observatory.  Please do indulge in a viewing!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Steampunk websites which most certainly merit a visit...

Often times, one has an opportunity to visit websites which piques one's curiosity, as they have plenty of unique and intriguing content, but unfortunatly do not have the exposure they deserve.  I have found a number of said gems, and do certainly hope that I'll be able to direct one to these online locales...

Steam Spectre is a lovely site which contains a cacophony of Steampunk and Victorian imagery not normally found online.  Miss Spectre not only has impressive era photographs, but also highlights unique Steampunk fashion finds, including head-wear, articles of clothing for ladies and gentlemen, and unique accouterments (including a pistol ring), and of course corsets!  To pay a visit, please turn to:

If one happens to live north of the the Forty-Ninth parallel (or even if one happens to live below it!), a visit to Steampunk Canada is a must!  This well established site covers all news and events regarding Steampunk in Canada, including news, a forum for Canadian Steampunk groups, photogalleries, and information on the written Canadian Steampunk news-source, the Dominion Dispatch!  For more information, please turn to:

Had the pleasure of locating another "hard-blogging" Steampunk enthusiast, Miss A.E. Flint, and her outstanding  blog, Trial by Steam!  With insightful entires practically everyday since she started her endeavor in late January... do make it a point of visiting her location, as not only does she cover current Steampunk events, but also shares excellent observations into the genre... to visit Trial by Steam, please turn to...

Finally, the Victorian Closet is an outstanding Second Life penned by Miss Astolat Defaux, the proprietress of Montagne Noire Clothiers.  In addition to showcasing her latest works, which range from ladies attire to clothes for gentlemen and children, she also includes a large selection of non-clothing items.  If so inclined, do ensure you pay a visit to her online location, followed by an in-world visit to her stores in Caledon and Deadwood, starting here...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 154th Nicola Tesla Birthday!

If there was ever anyone who could be honored as the icon of Steampunk, I would vehemently argue that it would be the legendary Nicola Tesla!  On the 154th anniversary of his birth, I'm adding a small video I stumbled upon via the Steampunk Empire (a tip-o-the hat to Mr. JNL for his excellent production), to celebrate the this fortuitous day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 2010 Steampunk Bizarre launches this weekend, with "The Experimental"!

As the above flyer lists, the 2010 Steampunk Bizarre Exhibit will begin tomorrow, and will include outstanding Steampunk art, an documentary team producing a work about Steampunk to be released this fall, and the a performance by the exceptional Miss Veronique Chevalier!  For more details about the Exhibit, and the Steampunk meetup scheduled for the 11th, please visit the 2010 Steampunk Bizarre Exhibit, at:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NeoVictoria - Steampunk Machinima, RP, and more...

The Steamlands have had a dearth of new sims of late, so being able to comment on a new sim is something unique for the time.  NeoVictoria is indeed a new Steampunk sim, but with a unique focus on developing Machinima for Steampunk stories.

Orphans of the night visit the Skymall, by Miss Asil Ares

For the many residents of Second Life, Machinima is an opportunity to add more dimension to their backgrounds beyond traditional writing.  However, learning the technical aspects of developing a Machinima can be a daunting endeavor in SL, as it not only requires traditional scripting and cinematographic skills, but also a mastery of Second Life interface controls.

A visit to NeoVictoria's Armillary, by Miss Asil Ares

To address the in-world machinima production, the film-makers of NeoVictoria use a prim-based filming tool called "BijoCam".  This tool, as per its description, the BijoCam kit...

"... contains a copyable camera object, a copyable "sensor field" for placing camera triggers in your builds, and a freely copyable and transferable attachment allowing others to view your camera effects, plus a pre-scripted panel for dispensing those attachments. 
Set up camera positions in advance for taking snapshots of events, model poses, and more - then activate them with a single spoken command and cycle between them with a click!
Monitor areas you control by placing cameras on them and view them from your central control room! 
Build camera effects into your structures - no longer be limited by the distance of the SL camera! Create grand halls viewed from one end, staircases where you walk towards the camera, and dark tunnels where the avatar shrinks to a point!"

Priced at L$200, it seems a small price for a budding virtual Cecil B. DeMille!  The listed machinima (the one at the top, and the two directly below) are actually a tutorial on how to use the BijoCam system to produce your own machinima.

Find more videos like this on NeoVictoria

"The Kiss - Part 2" - BijoCam Tutorial Part 2 - Using Cameras

Find more videos like this on NeoVictoria

"The Kiss - Part 3" - BijoCam Tutorial Part 3, Using Sensors

In addition, there is an attached Sky Mall, which in addition to attire, footwear, hair and props for both gentlemen and ladies involved in filming, has supplemental tools to assist with avatar functions (e.g. expression emoters, CCS, Swim Huds, ect...).  It leans a bit more on the ladies' side, but still, a good selection of useful items all around.

Still from "The Kiss"

Additionally, if one isn't necessarily involved with machinima, there is a strong role play element at NeoVictoria.  If one choses to be involved with the RP, do take a moment and read the outline of the sim's rules.  There is often filming taking place, and overview of the conduct in NeoVictoria is provided at the arrival point to the NeoVictoria sim, and a map to the area is provided as well.

Posed shot from an earlier shoot at NeoVictoria, by Mr. Tikaf Viper

I had the opportunity to speak with the sim owner, Miss Asil Ares, and our discussion led to NeoVictoria's extensive press release, located at: .   Additionally, she will be maintaining NeoVictoria's Ning past August - to visit it, please turn to:

Still from "The Kiss"

Though it may take a bit of time to reach the skills displayed by Mr. Loki Eliot, New Babbage's own cinamatographer extraordinaire, but NeoVictoria offers the tools and environment to start!  To visit NeoVictoria in-world, please follow this SLurl, at:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

SL Dieselpunk and Seraph City

Seraph City Downtown, by Miss Tesla Tripsa

Parceling out one's time for projects can always be an issue, especially during the summer months, when visitors tend to visit warmer climes.  I’m not immune to this dilemma, as I've been working behind the scenes on something different - longitudelly similar to Steampunk in many ways, but different… Dieselpunk.

Miss Carver in the foyer of one of Seraph City's Art Deco Buildings,
The Carrington Department Store

Dieselpunk, for those who may not be familiar with it, is loosely timed between World War 1 to just after World War 2, with heavy influences from the classic American Pulp novels, the Art Deco movement, Film Noir, Jazz and Swing musical genres reaching a new audience via radio, Movie serials from the era, and of course, the burgeoning Movie industry itself.

The Java Jive Club, in Searph City

The similarities to Steampunk do exist, especially in Second Life, but Dieselpunk has one distinct difference, be it for better or worse, which is the popularization of entertainment in the main stream media.  With Hollywood productions reaching a larger population through distribution networks and "new fangled" radio reaching a national audience on a regular basis, a basis for the Dieselpunk genre already exists.  This is in contrast to Steampunk, where a substantial portion of the genre either was solely based on literature (at least until the advent of some early Steampunk movies in the mid-century), and the development of a growing body of literature coupled with new technological developments (e.g. video, the infusion of modern instruments in the nominal Steampunk musical genre, and virtual communities).

The Empire Jazz Club entrance, on the corner of town

My own time has been focused on virtual communities, specifically Second Life, where I've joined a new Dieselpunk sim named Seraph City.  With a cacophony of architecture (from Art Nouveau to Art Deco), entertainment (Jazz and Burlesque clubs), the sim is quickly establishing itself as a highlight in the Dieselpunk sims.

If you happen to be in Second Life, and wish to visit, follow this Slurl to :
Additionally, with the unfortunate shuttering of the USO Club, the Carrington in Searph City, will take up the baton and hold the Fourth of July USO Dance this Saturday (July 3rd), from 7pm to 10pm, SLT.  (The event was moved to allow for RL events on the fourth itself).  For more information on SL Dieselpunk and Searph City, please visit the Seraph City website, at: , or... my own renovated site, Second Life Jazz After midnight, at:

If Second Life isn't your "cup of joe", but you are a bit piqued by Dieselpunk, please consider visiting the following locales… - One of the most authoritative site on the topic of Dieselpunk on the web
The Gatehouse Gazette has an extensive section on Dieselpunk, including excellent reading on the topic in the monthly Gazette (Dieselpunk Fashion)

(Ed. Note - I'll be adding a Dieselpunk section to the Steampunk links soon, so if interested, do keep an eye on the sidebars!)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Steampunk Starwars Images

As first mentioned on, Mr. Gregg Peltz has been busy working on a new set of Star Wars images, with an intriguing re-imagining of the classic characters.  For more visions of a Steampunk Boba Fett, a Laurel-esque C3PO, and more, please visit Mr. Peltz's website, at:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The League of STEAM - "Big Trouble"!

The League of STEAM have kindly documented their latest adventure in keeping their environs safe!  To enjoy more episodes of the League of STEAM, please visit their main site, at: