Sunday, October 31, 2010

Steampunk Horror Photography (and a Happy Rez-Day wish as well)!

After experiencing a bit of horror of my own this weekend (redecorating and moving heavy furniture back and forth, for someone else's interior design plan), I was quite fortunate to received an image from the renown Horror photograph, Mr. Joshua Hoffine!  His latest project takes a turn into a Steampunk bent, with his latest project, ROBOT.  Quite unnerving frankly, but his blog was an amazing read, as he details the process in which he designs the concept, explains the makeup process, and the process of making his magic happen!  To learn more about his current and previous work, please take a moment to visit his website, at: , 
and consider a visit to his other media sites... (his MySpace location)

####################                    ####################

Miss Carver modeling the latest Son!a fashions in her blog...

I did want to take a moment to wish my lovely partner, Miss Breezy Carver, a Happy Rez-Day!  For those not familiar with Second Life (SL), a rez-day is the day one enters's SL, and is akin to a RL birthday.  Breezy pens the oustanding Second Life fashion blog, Virtually Classic Fashion, which focuses on historical fashion in the virtual worlds.  If you haven't availed oneself of a visit to her blog, do take the opportunity and pay a visit, at:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Steampunk - Tomorrow as it used to be!, to open this weekend!

I received word that an outstanding Steampunk event will have its Grand Opening this weekend, in Oamaru, New Zealand!  A new Steampuk exhibition, titled "Steampunk - Tomorrow as it used to be", will officially open this weekend, and will have over 100 genre works from 40 from around the world.  Included in the presentation are the works of Ms. Anna Repp, a well-noted and sought after artist and illustrator, with endeavors that have graced the publications of Jim Baen's UniverseTwelfth Planet Press, and Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, among other publications.

To learn more about the event or better yet, pay a visit, please turn to their main site, at:, to visit this unique event, hosted by the League of Victorian Imagineers (and with luck, possibly a visit by Dr. Grordbort himself)!

For additional information, please take a gander at the following sites....
and of course, the Exhibit's page at the Steampunk Empire, located at:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Victoria computer - a new Steampunk gem!

Received an email from a Mr. G. Huisken from New Zealand, who sent in images of his latest project - the Victoria computer!   I must admit, when I first saw it, I was quite impressed with the outstanding attention to detail, not only including very nice brass work on the Victoria.

The Victoria meshes not only a health amount of brass-work, but its frame is built from recycled Rimu, a local native red pine.  The wood finishing and scored marking of the main structure add a very debonair workman feel to his endeavor.

More than just another pretty face, the insides of the Victoria shows is has the processing power necessary to be an efficient data processing machine - stylish and utilitarian!  

I did enjoy the details with the gages and meters on the sides and the brass finial around the gages - a very nice touch as well!

One might claim an issue with a traditional keyboard, but from personal experience with old typewriters, they may seem nice, but a modern keyboard is perhaps more practical.  No issues with having to press sticky keys or jamming one's fingers between the typewriter keys!

The USB port surrounded by brass, along with the engraving is perhaps one of the details that immediately caught my eye.  Often times, this small detail is overlooked, but Mr. Huisken make it a beautiful focal point of the Victoria - just like the classic craftsmen of the era!

All and all, an outstanding work by Mr. Huisken, infusing classic Steampunk details into a modern device.  Kudos sir - I'm certain to be looking forward to your next project!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Breaking News: Nemo to close!

A view down the main thoroughfare of Mr. Shepard's current Steampunk sim

A very dependable source provided some quite surprising news over the weekend... it seems that Mr. Sextan Shepard, the renowned Steampunk builder, will be closing his immensely well-crafted Steampunk sim, Nemo, by the end of the month!

A mechanical representation of the Solar System - one of Mr. Shepard's amazing works

Mr. Shepard's signature artistic and design ability first came onto the forefront of Steampunk design in SL, with his impressive Strato-Moblis airship, followed by an ever increasing cavalcade of innovative designs.  He has also designed the stunning "Guimard" and "Metals" texture sets, which has quickly become the standard in SL Steampunk texturing.

Waiting for the trolley to the underground

He later opened Nemo, which came to represent the elements of Water, Land, and Air, each with breathtaking beauty.  Though New Babbage had the Vernian Sea, with an extensive network of underground residences, Nemo's cohesiveness and eventual expansion quickly proved to be beyond compare.  
(Please take a moment to view the attached video for an in-world tour).

Though Mr. Shepherd is set to close Nemo, there is possible talk of a new, Steampunk project he will be undertaking, possibly on a similar grandiose scale as Nemo.  However, do make it a point of visiting Nemo before it is retired at the end of the month!

The "Space-O-Rama" in Alintak (just above Nemo) - see it before it is gone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Babbage's Third Annual Formal Masquerade Ball to take place on Saturday, October 23rd!

The 3rd Annual Formal Masquerade Ball will be taking place tomorrow, the 23rd of October, starting at 6pm SLT!  In addition to outstanding music by DJ Bats, the build contest is a unique one - "Bugs"!  A 30 prim limit is in place for this event, but for more details, I would suggest a visit to the New Babbage webpage, at...

(Additionally, though not Steampunk, this small link to "Giant Microbes" might of use for a bit of inspiration.  I happen to own a little waterbear, myself, and would say they make excellent gifts as well!)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Steampunk Chicago's Carnivale Delirum - this Friday!

A bit ago, Mr. Vourteque about an upcoming event in the Chicago area - the Carnivale Delirum.  He explained that the Carnivale will be a massive Steampunk circus side-show event, including such luminaries as the Squidling Brother, the Show Devils, Haylay Jane, and many more.

Additionally, I was forwarded a peek in their laboratory (as seen above), where they have completed the final calibrations on the "Fusion-O-Scope", a fully functional Steampunk DJ rig!  I did have the fortune to an audio peek at the musical selections for the event as well - and it seems that in addition to many standard selections in the Steampunk genre, there are a few surprises as well, so I would contend this bodes well for the entertainment.

Alas, the event is a tad further than I'll be able to travel (so I won't be able to report at the event), but it looks like it will be a cracking event, and I would whole-heartedly suggest that if one has the opportunity, that a visit is in order!  For more information regarding Carnivale Delirum, please visit Steampunk Chicago,

(Note - There currently appears to be a database error with the Steampunk Chicago website, but it should be addressed quite soon - do check back!)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo

Moran and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo

Came across this unique narrative video - very intersting, although following its language does remind me a bit of Anthony Burgess' Nadsat (but clever and genre-appropriately done).  Nonetheless, I did enjoy both works, and do hope you find them as amusing.

Morgan Morgan's Date with Destiny

These works were produced by - for more information, please pay a visit!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Steampunk attire and fashion

With the advent of Halloween, it seemed like an appropriate time to update the fashion and attire links, in case one wishes to either start or enhance their Steampunk appearance.   IO9 had a good introductory piece last week on Steampunk attire and ideas, if one has not gone about establisheing ideas on an overall theme.  To get a start, or new ideas, please turn to...
IO9 - Steampunk Costumes on a Budget

Perhaps one of the next logical stops is a visit to Steampunk Fashion, a well-established venue for ideas and concepts.  It has a plethora of ideas, including some ingenious concepts for accessories - for more details, please visit ...

Steampunk Fashion

Yet another location which one can hunt down Steampunk gems is Buy Steampunk.  The location fits a key issue with acquiring items on Ebay - essentially establishing a feed for Steampunk items without having to hunt on Ebay for specific items.  I have found it quite convienent and I would be confident that it will certainly reduce the time one spends hunting online and spend more time on indulging in Steampunk.


Steampunk Fashion Resources is an outstanding site, replete with a massive amount of links to attire vendors and many other links which would be of use to anyone in the Steampunk community!  Do obtain a cup of tea (or coffee), sit down, and pay a visit to Steampunk Fashion Resources, at...

Steampunk Fashion Resources

If Facebook happens to be your site of choice, do consider a visit to Steampunk Fashion, which is administered by indomitable Mr. G.D. Falksen and Miss Evelyn (a frequent source of Steampunk information for the Tribune).  To add this wealth of knowledge, please forward to ...
        Steampunk Fashion on Facebook

Building one's own items is always satisfying, so if that is your focus, do consider a visit to Inscrutables Steampunk site.  With advice, suggestions, and diagrams, finding information and inspiration for a suitable appearance is quite simple!  Consider a trip to Inscrutables, at...

Instructables Steampunk attire –

The name frankly says it all - Steampunk Costume is an superb site which focuses, logically, on Steampunk costumes!  But not just the basics of costumes, but also nuances of the cosplay and costuming scenes in the Steampunk genre.  To pay a visit, please amble towards....

        Steampunk Costume

If one has limited time and available resources, one can always pay a quick visit to an established vendor of Steampunk attire.  The products are outstanding and as there only remains about a week until Halloween, this option may be another means to consider....

One of the supporters of the Steampunk Tribune, Chrononaut Mercantile has beautiful items for acquisition.  If a visit to their website hasn't happened as of yet, do consider a trip, at...

Chrononaut Mercantile

One of the better known attire providers, Gentleman's Emporium has a wide selection of Victorian and Western attire and with normal shipping ending tomorrow, consider a visit...

Gentleman’s Emporium

For more of a Steampunk bent, stop by the Clockwork Emporium, which has a number of excellent options, including some nice militaria for those of a uniform preference...

Clockwork Emporium

An alternate location for high-quality Steampunk and Western attire, River Junction also has some unique items and very nice leather goods.  Do consider a visit to see there selection, at...

River Junction

Finally, Retroscope Fashions has attire for a more formal appearance, including a very nice Mandrian mad scientist jacket... to take a peek, please visit...

Retroscope Fashions

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Riese will premiere on on October 26, online

The webseries Riese, which was an internet phenomenon earlier this year, will be re-released on the 26th of October, at their online location (  The seven to ten minute episodes will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday, and will also be available on  Xbox, PS3, and Amazon.  For more information regarding Riese, please turn to....

The main Riese feed, at:

... and a few more locations...

IO9's review of Riese
SyFy's Blastr Blog
The Futon Critic

The original trailer for the Riese series...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Airship Horus - The SL Steamland's Mainland Outpost

The Steamlands have a propensity to be no different than the rest of the virtual worlds - place come and places go, depending of a variety of circumstances.  I can say that disappointment does arise when I learn of a locale succumbing to the realities of economics or discontent, but every now and again, a new location does arrive.  Such a it is with Airship Horus.

The Arrival port for Airship Horus

Airship Horus is unique in many ways.  First, it is a dedicated bit of Steampunk located on the mainland.  By design, Airship Horus is a outpost to the vast unknowns of the rest of the non-Steamlands, or as Mr. Martin Jestyr, the captain of Airship Horus explains…

The Transport Means to the Airship

"(Airship Horus) is the perfect base from which to explore the mainland.  Rez your boat at the Dock House on the lake, or use the boat rezzer provided, to explore by water.  Alternatively, you can rez your small flying vehicle on the docking platforms attached to the Floating Gardens (no more than 40 prims without checking with Captain Jestyr, however).  Auto return is set for 30 minutes, but please do clean up after oneself, when one is finished)."

Walking on the Gangplank at the ships' dock

This being said, I most certainly felt the need to pay a visit to the good Airship Horus.  When one arrives, it is a central terminal, where one can either drop down to the boat dock, or take the transport to the Airship.  I paid a quick visit to the dock, but the call of visiting an aero outpost was simply too much of a draw.

Overhead shot of the Airship Horus

The Airship Horus is a construct of numerous areas, the arrival point being one of them.  Fortunately, the aisle is railed, preventing a bit of a lengthy fall to the mainland!  The first item to view is the Airship Horus itself.  A large and spacious ship, it has quite a selection of areas to explore, relax, and overlook one's missions to the mainland.  Additionally, there are dance options for the couple who wishes to indulge in a bit of privacy, on the main deck, along with the option to change the radio-feed (per the onboard gramophone).

A view of the "Elven Gardens"

Studying the mysteries of the greater beyond!

Next, the Floating Gardens provides a location for a group to meet, discuss, or simply socialize in privacy.  A seating area is adjacent to the Elven gardens for more formal gatherings to discuss business or exploratory plans, as necessary.

A quiet meeting place afar from prying ears

The Steamed Up Cafe - perfect for break!

Taking a trip down the curved gangplank to the main area, I discovered the Steamed Up café - a nice getaway for a cup of virtual devil's brew (allowing one to obtain their own cup of joe)!

Studying the view beyond the clouds

Following along the gangway, one arrives at the powerplant, the giant Tesla coil which powers the Airship and its surroundings.  Once you un-dog the doors and enter the engineering spaces, do admire but keep a distance from the fluctuating blue energy - odd things can and do happen!

Entering the Engineering Spaces....

... and finding the power source for the Airship (ah, don't get too close, however).

There is plenty more to explore and discover at the Airship Horus - more than is listed on this brief entry.  Do make it a point of visiting the Airship Horus, be it for socializing, relaxing, or better yet, a starting point for exploring the strangeness of the Mainland!  To start your voyage, here is your Slurl... - Bon chance!

A view of the Airship Horus, of the forward Starboard bow

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Thomas Dolby, Steampunk Pioneer!

Today is the birthday of Mr. Thomas Dolby, perhaps one of this generation's early pioneers of Steampunk (and Dieslepunk).  Back in the day, when MTV played videos (instead of gameshows and reality shows), Mr. Dolby had a smash hit with his song "She blinded me with science".  I wasn't compeltly enthuiastic about the son, but the imagery presented was like non-other at the time.  Though this video does lean a bit more on the Dieselpunk side, it was probably my first introduction of what would later (about twenty years later) become a genre that I would follow on a regular basis.

She Blinded me with Science, by Mr. Thomas Dolby

"She blinded me with science", perhaps his most Steampunk of his works, took place in a sanatorium for apparenly disturbed scientists.  During the progression of the song, one sees what one assumes is scientists, engaged in odd activities (e.g. the fellow the butterfly net with four nets, the jet pack), and Steampunk-esque imagry (e.g. the device strapped on Mr. Dolby's head).  Though it wasn't quite apparent at the time, "Blinded..." and his following works on his album "The Golden Age of Wireless" had Steampunk/Dieselpunk themes running throughout it (e.g. "Airwaves", "Radio Silence", "Europa and the Pirate Twins").

As a professional wonts to do, he continued with other albums and did an impressive amount of "behind the scenes" work (I had no idea he did work with Depeche Mode or performed with Def Leopard on keyboards).  However, his talents have been in demand, and as one can see from his latest album, "Amerikana", he still steeped in the Steampunk and Dieselpunk genres.  For more information on Mr. Dolby (or to wish him a happy birthday), do consider visiting his official website ("The Flat Earth Society"), at, or take a moment to view some selections from the Golden Age of Wireless, (alas, embedding was disabled by the kind characters from EMI)..

Do enjoy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Castle's Steampunk Episode - a review on Tor publishing by Mr. G.D. Falksen and a link to the episode...

Still from the series, with the protagonist in Steampunk attire

At times there one's best laid plans go awry, as mine did yesterday evening with the episode of Castle.  I have to admit I'm not overly familiar with the series, but last evening's episode (which I'll be going to directly after finishing this entry) was brought to my attention by the lovely Miss Evelyn, a lady in tuned with the pulse of the Steampunk genre.  After watching it, I would highly recommend stopping by for insights on this episode, penned by Mr. G.D. Falksen.  (A much more positive review than the train-wreck that the NCIS: LA attempt...)  Do make it a point to also visit Miss Evelyn's website, where a budding discussion is developing about this episode of Castle...

This episode can be seen at:

Finished watching the episode on Hulu, and I must say that it is refreshing to see the genre presented in a positive aspect (to the general public).  Quite an enjoyable episode, and certainly merits a viewing!  (Additionally, the last commercial break has a little "interactive" episode for a new Steampunk-esque game, titled "Unwound Future", for the Gameboy DS.  A bit of innocuous fun, so do consider a visit to it!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Steampunk Reviews - Episode #21, Nickel Children

Miss Yankee999 provides an insight into the new Steampunk endeavor titled "Nickel Children".  Unfortunatly, I've only seen the trailer as of this point, but do hope to see the full production soon.  But for now, do take a moment and see her latest review!

For more information on the production, please visit their website, at:

(The official trailer for Nickel Children is just above)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The lost episode trailer for Screw On Head!

It must have been the lucky fedora I purchased over the weekend, because when I discovered these artifacts, I was agog!  Apparently back in 2005 (an antiquity in Steampunk years), the talented Mr. Filmgeek produced a short in tribute to the original pilot of Screw-On Head, perhaps one of the greatest Steampunk series that was never picked up.  (Apparently "SyFy" prefers poor quality mutant monsters to be the pinnicale of science fiction, vice a gem such as this).  Still, Mr. Filmgeek produced an outstanding work - alas, it was the introduction, and was never completed, but his work was outstanding... and perhaps someday it will be finished...

For the time being, the above portions will have to suffice.  However, for "old time's sake", I've attached the original pilot for Screw-On Head, so one can see it in its original glory!  Do enjoy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Steampunk Media - Promo from the "Steampunk" episode of Castle

Oddly enough, I happened upon the latest trailer for the ABC series of "Castle", which has Steampunk-esque subtext to it, from Miss Zoe Connolly's excellent SL blog.  Not quite sure what to make of it, but I do sense a bit of condensation towards the genre in this production (e.g. the "weird" and "wild" leaders in the trailer).  The fact that this show has been "in the pipeline" seems to be fairly well known in Steampunk circles, but again, as with the Warrior's Way endeavor, I suppose one will have to wait until it is aired to pass judgement.

Still, it does provide a bit more exposure for the Steampunk genre, be it good or bad (though I'm not counting on much good from ABC, however)!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Steampunk Movie - The Warrior's Way

The Warrior's Way came across my screen a bit ago and there had been talk about it being a Steampunk movie at the time.  I have to admit to having a bit of apprehension of pre-listing a movie as such, based on some of the results of previous productions which have made attempts to do the same (e.g. Jonah Hex, Van Helsing), but it does seem to be leaning towards the genre.  As a fan of martial arts (the old "Shaw Brothers" variety), I am quite enthuisataic about seeing more physical combat in a movie, and ninjas assassins always make excellent villans, but I suppose we'll have to wait (and cross our fingers) to see if it truly meets expectations of a Steampunk Movie.  For a bit more insight, Mr. G.D. Falksen has completed a piece on it for, located here.

Regardless, the trailer is just below, and there is plenty to look forward to - please do enjoy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Steampunk Works - Mythania

As I was doing a bit of work on the "Poll Results" entry from last week, I had the good fortune of finding a website belonging to a Mr. Mark William Chase, the force behind the Steampunk world of Mythania.  Mr. Chase has been developing an extensive historical background for Mythania, including culture, science & technology, and more.  He does write fictional stories to provide depth to his work, but I have the impression that he is shouldering this endeavor on his shoulder as time permits.  If you are piqued, do pass by his website and hunt around - its very intersting, and I do look forward to see more on Mythania!

The Mythania website is located at:
Mr. Chase's blog (with updates regarding Mythania) is located at:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

IO9 Interview with Ms. Gail Carriger, author of Soulless and Changeless

IO9 posted a very good interview today with Ms. Gali Carriger, the author of Soulless and Changeless.  They do a pretty much straightforward interview, but do allow her to extrapolate on the methodology she uses on the background for the Parasol Proctorate series.  Do pay a visit to IO9's piece with Ms. Carriger, at:

Cover to Ms. Carriger's first novel, Soulless

Additionally, do consider taking a trip to her own website and blog... her most recent entry details the history of the one year anniversary of Soulless - including the travails she had the opportunity to partake in after the sale of Soulless.  To read the mechanical underpinnings of the literary experience, please visit her website at:

Friday, October 1, 2010

The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, taking place this weekend in Portland, Oregon!

Bit of a late entry, but I did want to take the opportunity to add a quick mention of the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, taking place in Portland, Oregon, from the 1st to 3rd of October (this weekend)!  For more details about this unique event (with its longitudinal connections to Steampunk), please pay a visit to its home page, at: