Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great Steampunk press... from the Wall Street Journal!

Mr. B - Dazzling the masses in concert!

I tend to flutter about with my news sources from various sides of the spectrum, so when I popped into the Wall Street Journal for a "entertaining" dose of economic theory, I was quite surprised to read about the emergence of "Chap-Hop", through a comparative article between the "rap" East and West coasts, as applied to the Steampunk musical genre... and to the good-nature rivalry between the much beloved gentlemen of Chap-Hop - Mr. B and Professor Elemental!

Professor Elemental in WSJ stipple - 
quite an honor to be so portrayed!

It was quite refreshing to read about as aspect of Steampunk which was not of a "smarmy" attitude (as opposed to numerous other sources of media snootiness).  The author of the piece provided a good journalistic review of the development of "Chap-Hop", and an positive and entertaining view of the genre - most certainly a welcome development.  Enough said - do take a moment to read the article, located at :  Do enjoy!

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Im waiting for Heavy Brass.