Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mr. Chaz Kemp - Superlative Steampunk Art Nouveau Illustrator!

As many my have read before (and perhaps even agree), I tend to believe that Art Nouveau is the perhaps the apex of Steampunk genre art.  it has roots in the historical sense, but re-imagined for the Steampunk genre.  Finding excellent artists to represent what might might call "Steampunk Art Nouveau" is a challenge, as good artwork is a challenge to develop and refine.  While I was doing my research on the topic, I came sought an artist with the skills and talent to bring this to life - and found Mr. Chaz Kemp, and his brilliant endeavors!

Mr. Kemp's work includes the basic noted aspects of Art Nouveau, including stylized borders, a central individual focus with a tie-in to the central theme of the work, a color palate reflecting the work, and of course, excellent talent!

He does have an Esty endeavor, where he display his works, so do make it a point of stopping by and paying an eye to it.  His work is amaziFor more information regarding his work, please visit the following locations...

His Esty location, at:
His own website, at:
and his blog, located at:

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Chaz said...

I just want to thank you for this post on your amazing site! I am so very honored! You've said such wonderful things and you've absolutely made my day.

You have one of the absolute best steampunk sites in the world and I absolutely appreciate all you do for the genre and the artists that revel in all things steampunk. :)

- Chaz Kemp