Thursday, April 14, 2011

Steampunk Events: 15th - 17th of April, 2011

This week is replete with Steampunk events, starting with the Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition!  The OK Steampunk Expo is three days of concentrated Steampunk, and to reiterate their press release....

On April 15 – 17, Oklahoma’s Clarion Hotel at 6200 N. Robinson will be the stage for an alternate reality. For this brief weekend, step into a world where pirates fly airships, doctors hawk potions from a stage, swordswallowers compete with fireswallowers, men display award-winning facial hair, and Tea is verb.

It’s the Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition, a convention dedicated to furthering the innovation, creativity, and joy that is steampunk.

What’s steampunk? Steampunk is the hottest new trend, based in the Victorian concept of what the future will be. It touches on art, science, technology, fashion, music, literature, film, television, and gaming. This neo-vintage movement has developed a life of its own, sending tentacles into all aspects of life.

The Oklahoma Steampunk Exposition will showcase yesteryear’s tomorrow with such performances as Bizzaro, the Optical Illusionist, Knotty Bits Sideshow, The Airship Isabella, the Pickled Punk Sideshow, and more. Such well known steampunk authors as Cherie Priest, Brian Young, James Taylor will be there among others. And musicians love steampunk –  Unwoman, and Psyche Corporation will rock the stages.

Steampunk and gaming are a match of epic proportions, and there will be gaming with Magic: the Gathering, Iron Kingdom, Space 1889, and the new LARP: Steampunk Europa.
And to satisfy the craving to own these wondrous contraptions, gizmos, and fashions, there will be a market full of handmade jewelry, clothing, trinkets, and gadgets galore.

If you are able to attend, do make it a point of making time to visit the Oklahoma Steampunk Expo this weekend!  For more information, please turn to:

Next, on Saturday the 16th, New Babbage's Piermont Landing presents the Grimm Ball and Dark Fairy Tale Contest!  Under the view of classic fairy tales, the Grimm Ball is homage to the classic tales of the Brother Grimm, whose stories are an essential part of western culture, and most certainly paints a wide spread over the Steampunk genre!  For more details, please visit Miss Carver's blog, Virtually Classic Fashions, at:

Finally, this Sunday the 17th,  is the opening of our "Steampunk Art Festival". On Ataria next to Kafe Kruemelkram we present scupltures, objects, vuildings and machines designed by some of the best SL artists and builders like Bryn Oh, Sextan Shepherd, Glyph Graves, Fuschia Nightfire, Canello Capallini, Jenne Dibou, Daalinii Rae and many more plus Jordan Reyne Deezul live in concert. All this on sunday, april 17, 12 PM PDT (21.00 MET).  
To visit, please follow this path!...


Bookworm Hienrichs said...

You forgot to mention the Aether Salon. *sniffle*

RF said...

Dear Miss Hienrichs - My apologies! I do take full responsibility for this grievous oversight!

Arenyth said...

Hello! Arenyth here, I was directed to your fine establishment over here by a friend who recognized my piece. Glad you like it!