Thursday, May 5, 2011

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Came across this entertaining video of a book I'm most certainly indulge a few evenings!  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, has caught the eye of many, garnering a 4-star review on Amazon, and is selling quite smartly.  One can the basis of the genre - but the book is also a "retro-historical" view of how one of the United State's greatest presidents had a secret history as a vampire hunter.  Mind you, the above production is a bit - well, unique.  Still, quite entertaining, however.  Below is a psudo-documentary regarding the "secret history", based on "secret journals", which provides the basis of the book. 

For more details, please do a favor and visit one of theses sites...

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Vanity Fair

Time Magazine,9171,1968104,00.html

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(and a bit on the *hopefully* upcoming motion picture production of the book from
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Ponders ..Well then .. this could explain his wife's said Mental condition. Most clever find Dear Doctor! *wink*