Friday, July 29, 2011

And the lucky winner of the Cowboys and Aliens contest is...

... is Charlie Tunja, with the lucky number of "43".  Sadly, it was the biggest loss in over a year with the DJI, with an ending of 12,143.24 - unfortunate for stock brokers, but fortunate for at least one person.  My thanks to all who took the time to participate, a special thanks to Miss Lois2037 for her patience in addressing my numerical issue, and I do hope all who see the movie enjoy it!

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Lois2037 said...

I did see it at the Thursday midnight show, and liked it a lot. It was great fun! And I realize that keeping track of tons of folks and assigning the numbers is not all that easy.

And congratulations to the winner! Charlie Tunja is lucky, lucky, lucky!