Friday, September 9, 2011

The Piermont has landed!

A full view of the new Piermont, in Wheatstone Waterways!

One of the most popular events in the Steamlands was Miss Carver-Fabre's monthly events at the Piermont Landing.  Going on three years, with impressive attendance to the Steamland-themed events (number that would be the envy of any Second Life event), it quietly disappeared this summer - for a retro-fit!  It isn't quite ready for the general public, but if one cares to take a sneak peak at New Babbage's newest gem, head to the Southwestern corner of Wheatstone Waterways, and take a moment to see the new Piermont!

The new DJ stand, just below the massive new clock

The main column, with the entertainment floor just behind it

A view of one of its interior floors, undergoing a bit of sprucing up!

A close up of one the the Copper Rose fountains adorning the entrance to the Piermont

Do consider a visit to see the new Piermont!


Shaunathan Sprocket said...

Looks very Art Deco in its lines. That's also a classic Art Deco font in the signage.

Melu said...

You're right, Shauna: i'll visit that intriguing place and i'll include pics of it in my SL Art deco places' pics collection on Flickr (

Melu said...

You're right, Shauna. I'll visit the place and i'll add some pics of it to my SL Art Deco places' pics :))