Saturday, November 19, 2011

The 3rd Annual Formal Uniform Dress Ball, Today!

A bit late, but not too late!  The Third Annual Formal Dress Ball will be taking place this evening, at the Piermont, in Wheatstone Waterways, tonight at 6pm, SLT!  So break out your dress uniform, and do make a point of visiting the most attended event in the Steamlands, as the social crux of Fleet Week!  To take a small boat directly, please follow:


m0rtis said...

I get that there's a great steampunk area of Second Life. However, every other article out of this blog seems to cover that area.

While gorgeous to look at, it's not the heart and soul of the Steampunk community. This blog should be covering people on the cutting edge of steampunk and those furthering our subculture.

I am not saying we need to cut out the second life coverage, but I am sure if we look at the articles over the last year and see how many of them were of this topic, you'd see clearly that the topic has been covered far too much.

Rafael Fabre said...

Dear m0rtis,

Thank for your comment! Let me start with…

First - since the inception of the blog in May of 2007, the Steampunk Tribune, (or any of the previous titles it worked under), started by covering the Second Life Steamlands. It was as the Steampunk culture began to expand, (about 2007-ish), when I started integrating more non-Second Life articles. As New Babbage began in late 2006, it was the "starting point" for my own escapades in Steampunk. Alas, where I was stationed in service, involvement in Steampunk was a non-issue, as it would only draw odd looks and "wtf" comments (unfortunately - less enlightened times, I would argue). The online community as a quick, convenient, and friendly means to indulge in Steampunk. However, by mid-2007, Steampunk was quite strong and growing in Second Life, and continues to be a selling point for the overall Linden Labs (the owners of SL), regardless of how poorly they manage their product (which is another story altogether). As it exists now, approximately a third of the readership to the blog comes from the Second Life Steamlands community, and I do make it a point of attempting to keep touch with that part of the readership.

Secondly - Per my count (as I am confident you know I would count them), I tallied approximately 33 of 285 articles penned this year (to this point), covering the Second Life Steamlands. Even with a 10%-ish addition (slosh) for any miscounting on my part (so say 40 articles, for a total tally of Second Life articles in the Steampunk Tribune), that makes for 14.03% of all articles published this year applying towards the Second Life Steamlands - a tad less than the implied 'every other article' metric you allude in your commentary. So… I would disagree that the coverage has been too extensive (or 'covered far too much') - quite the contrary, I would counter, actually… that the coverage of the SL Steamlands has progressively decreased over time in the Tribune.

Thirdly - I am not insensitive towards the perception that not every one (or the other two-thirds of the readership of the Tribune) may have a passing interest in Second Life (or perhaps no interest at all in Virtual Worlds). In an attempt to address this concern (and to address the ever expanding count of Steampunk websites which have grown over the years), I started the Steampunk Links, which covers as many Steampunk-related websites as I can locate, and provides an opportunity to highlight alternate voices in the vast and ever-growing world of the genre. As with any published work, articles in a given endeavor ebb and flow - and few magazines or newspapers are read from front to back in their entirety. As such, not every article I mention will be of interest to all (e.g. Steampunk make-up tips won't necessarily be of interest to many gentlemen). Still, I do recommend a trip to the Steampunk Links to see many of the outstanding Steampunk blogs that currently populate the aethernet, and are essential key to the growth of the genre… such as:
Tampa Steampunk,
The Steampunk News,
The Steampunk Workshop,
The Steampunk Costume,
The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences,
The Steampunk Librarian,
The Airship Ambassador, and
The Traveller's Steampunk Blog,
to mention but only a few (by date posting order as of the penning of this commentary).

(part two, just below...)

Rafael Fabre said...

Finally - I am not quite sure what *exactly* you mean by "cutting edge". I do make it a point of hunting down and posting new articles, events, and information from general and … dedicated sources in the Steampunk realms, and more often than not, I break the news (as opposed to being scooped… though the Traveller's Steampunk Blog is one of many tough competitors in the Steampunk News realm who has scooped the Tribune on Steampunk articles - lol)! If perhaps you are making reference to Steampunk and politics, that is one area I actively avoid. Aside from igniting controversy, as politics usually does (imo), my view is that Steampunk is an escape from the realities of the crassness and hum-drum-ness of "everyday" real life. There are those who wish to infuse a political view into the genre, but speaking for myself, if I wish to read about politics, I will do so in a forum that specialize in politics. For example, if its the left wing I am interested in, I would read the Huffington Post, if its the "vast right wing-conspiracy" I wish to read about, I would visit to Regardless of the "wing" of politics which might grab my elbow, I do not think that Steampunk is an effective mechanism to advance political aspirations… thus, for myself, Steampunk is an enjoyable relaxing break from the travails of the every day existence.

I do thank you for your comment and the poke in the ribs (lol) about the blog - for every person who leaves a comment, as the saying goes, there are many more who likely have the same thought regarding the commentary. You have provided an impetus to mention a few topics which have been on the back burner of my noggin for awhile. If it appears that the SL Steamlands are over-covered, there are likely many others who have the same perception. Nonetheless, I plan to maintain coverage at the current rate (which would run about 3-5 articles of the 25-30 articles a month), which is a pittance for coverage, in the larger scheme of things. Over the past four-ish years I have been blogging, I'm always interested in the genre's direction, so please continue to leave comments, as I have yet to delete a blog comment (well… aside from the spat of Chinese pornography spam last year, but I don't flinch an eye at deleting those…)

Rafael Fabre
Editor, The Steampunk Tribune

Breezy Carver said...

Dearest Doctor Fabre,
I wish to applaud YOU Sir for your thoughtfulness in and of Your very own Spectacular Blog ..
What some people do not wish to see, respect nor compredend about Steam punk is

NO ONE DICTATES from what world we are able to expand with respect to the give and take !
Thank YOU for your very own Steamy Classy and Generous Daily Shares.
ever yours,

Rhianon Jameson said...

Excellent points, Dr. Fabre.

From my perspective, and without doing a count, I think your perception that there have been fewer Second Life-related Steampunk articles than in the past. I attribute that, in part, to the passing of the era in which it seemed a new Steampunk-themed sim would open nearly monthly.

At the same time, it's also nice to read about what other Steampunks are up to in the so-called "real world" (something that seems to me to be just a figment of the imagination, but I confess others might have a different take on the situation). Balance is important, of course.

I was a touch distressed at your suggestion that your military outfit was lacking in Steampunk followers, though. Perhaps recruiting could be directed toward increasing our numbers in the ranks?