Thursday, March 31, 2011

Steampunk Events for April 1st to April 3rd, 2011

Central Florida looks to be quite a busy locale for Steampunk this weekend!  Starting it off on Saturday, there will be a "Steampunk Invasion at the Museum of Science and Industry (in Tampa), as part of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival.  Word is starting to spread for the event, which begins at 10 am, and continues to 6 pm!  for more details, please follow the link, locate here: Steampunk Invasion @ MOSI

Later Saturday evening, just up Interstate 4 a tad, there will be a Central Florida Steampunk Meet & photo shoot in Orlando, in front of the Adventurer's club (before it is regretfully demolished).  For more details, please visit the Steampunk Empire for more details, at: Central Florida Steampunk Meet & Photoshoot

As part of an on-going event in Ithaca, New York, "Found in Ithaca", an antiques business, is hosting a the Electisauric Enigmorama, a display of exceptionally intersting and unique Steampunk items!  If one happens to be in the area, I would heartily recommend a visit to Found in Ithaca's Enigmorama before it closes on the 16th of this month!  For more details, please visit their weblog, at:  Electisauric Enigmorama: A Steampunk Circus

To finish off the weekend, The Anachronism is hosting its newest event, the Steampunk Expedition to Candyland!  Starting at 3pm at Webster Hall, (in New York City, NY), there is a growing list of entertainers, notable Steampunk celeberaties, and much, much more!  For further information, please visit the Anachronism's website, at:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pride, Prejudice, & Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After...

The latest edition of Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, which is the last book of the trilogy, is out, which of course, means a video to highlight the events in the book is also released!  I'll have to go out an locate my copy (to read during the wedding I'll be forced to sit through - yes, the one on the 24th of April), so at least there'll be one happy ending... for more information and reviews, please visit Quirk Classics, at:

... or read reviews, at:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steampunk Mouse - an amazing design to behold!

Mr. P. Balch contacted me the other day with an extraordinary work which is indeed stunning!  He designed a computer mouse, but not only is exceptionally Steampunk (quite obvious at first glance), but his website also contains detailed instruction on how to build and configure one of your own.  

Undertaking said enterprise to design and build your own unique mouse might seem particularly intimidating, but his tutorial on devising this mouse (albeit a similar one of your own) takes the concern from the work and tosses it right out the proverbial window!  To see more photos and get a tantalizing glimpse of how said mouse is made, do pay a visit to his website, at: !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Direct from All-Con 2011 - Steampunk Fun and Fiction in Addition

(Mr. Ramon Leon del Mar, editor of the Art of Steampunk, was able to attend the All-Con 2011 this year... and was kind enough to provide an overview of the event...)

As you may already have heard this year’s theme for Allcon 2011 was “Steampunk” as special genre of retro-futuristic science fiction that takes the elegance, innovation, and indomitable spirit of the Victorian age and the science fictional imagery of it’s most imaginative writers and transplants it into very unlikely places in very unlikely ways.  Steampunk has also attracted very creative and imaginative people that have turned what was at first a special science fiction loving society into a real world subculture that strongly promotes “Maker Culture”, ecology, creative expressions of individualistic art in all it’s forms, and encourages forceful rebellion against the marketing messages that encourage mindless consumerism and the following of an endless stream of fashion trends. 

Local groups, like Kali’s Hourglass, The Steampunk Illumination Society, Airship Steel Rose, and Airship Nocturne came to teach, explain, and enlighten others about learning to make things the way they want them instead of settling for whatever Walmart has to offer, doing it on a budget, rebelling radically against consumer zombie cultism, and having great fun doing it!  They did this with about 17 panels, two film screenings, a dance performance, a comedic play, a demonstration table, and general spontaneous fun throughout the convention!  Kali’sHourglass provided 6 of the panels and included a brief comedic Steampunk play in one and a dance performance in another.  They also announced that their acting troupe had been commissioned to script, cast, and perform in an all Steampunk Murder Mystery Theatre Mini-Convention soon on June 4th called the “Difference Engine” in Fort Worth Texas as one more approach to spread this liberating message of the Steampunk sub-culture for Texas and the surrounding areas.

The thing that is most recognizable, and in many ways, the most fun about Allcon is that it exposes each fandom culture to others they might never have encountered otherwise.  Storm Troopers and Jedis conversed with gunslingers, Star Fleet Officers, and Klingon Warriors while Steampunk time traveling Pirates, “Maids” and Roller Derby teams rolled by in an endless stream of wonderful mad fun!  It was a bit like ending up in Alice’s Wonderland, but with a science fiction twist. 

People in Medieval Renfair “Garb” (but wearing Steampunk accoutrement) and many other colorful characters obtained, hid, then handed over “droids” (simulated by laminated cards with droid descriptions) to Storm Troopers that were on sort of an Easter egg hunt for missing droids going around to people and asking “How long have you had this droid?” 

Mr. Hatcher (Apollo and later Tom Serak) and Ms. Lockhart (Athena) of BattlestarGalactica fame were present and very charming!  They gave two panels on both Friday and Saturday in addition to autographs and Q&A sessions. 

The Roller Derby Teams showed off skills in some rooms that were pretty impressive including specific attacks used to take out opponents that sounded a bit like a discussion of some fighting video game.  It was a bit disconcerting to think that these same charming ladies would soon be using these “baseball slide” attacks on one another’s bodies just to “win at their sport, but that’s roller derby for you.  These female gladiators were the real deal!

The Maids were everywhere, but a little puzzling to us, so we asked a bit about them.  It seems that they enjoy enacting the role of “maids” from a variety of shows and actually study and maintain the great traditions of service expected from the finest examples of that profession. 

Circus sideshow performers, flag dancers, jugglers, contact jugglers, etc. also were evident, mostly from a local group that goes by the name “Circus Freaks”.  They gave workshops on various performance skills, and were a very significant part of the Steampunk Ball performer lineup.

The only really big news at the con, other than new Steampunk talent being shown, was that the Steampunk Ball got canceled, then rescheduled last minute.   After discussing this with both the con staff and the headliner band, it appears to have been a massive failure in communication.  When I asked the program director about the band cancelling on Friday, then changing their mind and agreeing to go on Saturday, he said it was his mistake entirely, and that the band acted very professional about the whole thing.  He said they also did a great job fixing the problem when it looked like things would fall through for the concert.  The concert had to start over an hour late due to problems adjusting the unfamiliar equipment in the strange venue, but in the end, it was a great performance! 

In the program director's defense, he handled everything beautifully for us, but then all of our events were set up and re-adjusted as needed more than 3 weeks before the event.  Things start to go wonky for most convention staff when they get overloaded the last week before hand, and they sometimes have catastrophic brain cramps, like in this case, when the overload gets too great or the situation, as in this case, is too unfamiliar to them. 

Our biggest complaint has always been that convention staff rarely posts a full list of who and what was performing until a week or two before the event, yet expected us to decide blind if we wanted to go.  Allcon, on the other hand, was entirely different!  They had over 75% of their lineup listed with times, days performing, and a detailed map of the venue over 3 months in advance.  When I offered panels to them I got a response in less than 24 hours that listed every panel they wanted in appropriate rooms with the exact day and time of the presentations listed. So in conclusion, in spite of the temporary setback due to miscommunication with the headliner band, I would rate this convention as one of our absolute favorites! 

For the full article click here:  Allcon 2011 review
All-Con photos are on FaceBook, here.

Ramon Fagan, LCSW (aka “Admiral” Ramon Leon del Mar) writes articles and reviews for 5 different online Steampunk magazines as well as for his blog at
He also writes fiction, songs, short comedic plays, and educational books and articles about world religion and cultures for other outlets.  “Admiral” Ramon is also the leader of “Kali’s Hourglass”, a nautical oriented Steampunk/Clockpunk performance art troupe, co-administrator for the North Texas Steampunks Facebook Website, organizer for the DFW Clockpunks and Renpunks Group, and a co-administrator for the Steampunk Illumination Society.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Carnival Ball and Dark Ride Build Contest, today starting at 6pm, SLT...

For those who may not be award, do make a point of visiting the Carnival Ball (and Dark Ride Build contest), starting this evening at 6pm SLT, at the Piermont Landing, in Wheatstone Waterways, New Babbage!  As one of Second Life's most popular and regularly attended events, so for more information, please visit the New Babbage blog, at....

Friday, March 25, 2011

More details about BioShock Infinate are released...

IO9 has an interesting article on the upcoming BioShock Infinite, which is a very Steampunk rendition of a first-person shooter set on a floating city at the turn of the previous century.  However, beyond the immediate combat and adventure, the article discusses the influence on the work, including how artwork from the era was intergrated into the game, how historical events and literature affected the world (including a discussion of the award-winning "Devil and the White City" - a book I'd heartily recommend), and much more.  I'd certainly recommend a visit and take a read of the article, located at:!5785338/how-bioshock-infinites-creators-are-crafting-adventure-from-labor-strife-dead-horses-and-the-energy-of-the-tea-party

Though it won't be released until some undetermined time in 2012, a ten minute trailer of game-play has been released a bit ago, and provides an amazing insight into the world (posted above).  For more details about BioShock Infinite, please consider visiting their wiki, at:
or their beautiful homepage, at:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Major events in the Steampunk world this weekend....

Starting with Nova Ablion's Wild, Wild East event!... If you are near the vicinity of Northern California, this event is a "must attend"!  Lots going on, lots to see and do - for more details, please visit my earlier entry regarding Nova Ablion, at :

If one happens to be on the East Coast, fear not!  The Steampunk Industrial Revoloution is taking place in Nashua, New Hampshire (US)!  Found a much more eloquent narrative below, so do take a moment before you pack your transportation to the event and watch....

then visit their website, at:!

And... if on is near the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Denver will be hosting Anomaly Con, an event which is frankly "jam packed" with exceptionally interesting lectures & panels, including the lovely Miss Michelle Black, author and editor of the  In addition, there will be plenty of entertainment and events to partake, so again, if in the area, make it a point of stopping by!  To learn more, please visit their website, at:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Steampunk World's Fair 2011, as presented by a Count Named Slick-Brass...

An outstanding advert of the upcoming events on perhaps one of the seminal events of the Steampunk calendar this year!  A Count Named Slick-Brass provides the narration and introduces the multitudes of highlights for the upcoming Steampunk World's Fair!  For more information about the Steampunk World's Fair, at:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dr. Grymm to be on BBC America tonight, at 7pm!

A bit of breaking news... Dr. Grymm will be on BBC America tonight (March 22, 2011), on the later half of the program!  Be sure to take the opportunity to catch this episode (or record it) tonight.  For more information regarding Dr. Grymm's works, please visit...

Stunning Steampunk Fabrics from Spoonflower

The other day I was contacted by a Miss VO, who specializes in unique fabric designs.  I was intrigued at the idea, but was completely amazed at how innovative the work is!  The site on Spoonflower (a location that focuses on custom material) is a wealth of inspiration, especially if one is a tailor or handy with  a needle and thread.  If this area is a set of expertise of yours, I might suggest a trip over to Miss VO's location at Spoonflower, and take a look at the array of very impressive works there!

Additionally, once you've flexed your plastic at her location, I might suggest a peek at other individuals who have Steampunk designs at Spoonflower, specifically at:
and Victorian inspired-designs here:

(My thanks to VO for the lead - Kudos!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Grand Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition to take place this coming weekend (March 25th to 27th)!...

This year has a number of exceptionally outstanding Steampunk events, and one of these is the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, taking place this upcoming weekend in Santa Clara, CA.  As I reviewed the events, I must admit to being remorseful at being stuck on the other side of the continent, as it perhaps has one of the best lineups of Steampunk events to date!

Starting with the VIP list, there are an excellent selection of Steampunk notables who will be in attendance, starting with Mr. James Ng, the amazing artist whose fantastic work is the inspiration for the theme of this year's Nova Albion Exhibition, the Wild, Wild East.  

Miss Cherie Priest, who all Steampunk enthusiasts know is the founders of the modern Steampunk literary movement (Boneshaker, Dreadnought, Clementine) will be present, along with Miss Ay-leen the Peacemaker, editor of the fantastic Steampunk blog Beyond Victoriana, will be attending as a guest speaker!  Do make it a point to bend the ear of one of Steampunk most incisive minds!

Boilerplate's historical biographers, Mr. Paul Guinan and Miss Anina Bennet will be the special Guests of Honor at the Nova Albion Exposition!  

Of course, what is a Steampunk event without outstanding music? The Airship Home Companion will be the highlighted musical entertainment event, with a list of luminaries.  They include The League of S.T.E.A.M. as the hosts of the musical cavalcade, Miss Veronique Chevalier, Miss Unwoman, Mr. Shovelman, Mr. Jon Magnificent, the Can-Cannibals, and I'm quite certain there will be even more musical surprises in store!

There will also be a Steampunk film festival, showing two animated classics of Steampunk, "Steamboy" and the French classic "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec", a Victorian Dance Class, a not-to-be-missed performance by the legendary group Vernian Process, The Hibernian Hellfire club, and much, much more!  If you happen to have the opportunity, make it a point of visiting the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition this coming weekend!  For more information, a complete schedule of events, and yet more secrets of things to come, please visit their website, at:

Steampunk Soccer Logos...

In the middle of writing my next article, but came across this very unique little work from Mr. O. Loya.  Just a quick Steampunk-influenced 3-D renditions of futbol teams (A.C. Milan, Barcelona, Chelsea, and Estudiantes).  Nicely done, and kudos for his excellent work!  Certainly looking forward to seeing more teams!
(Seriously, no Real Madrid? You're killing me!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Steampunk Events, March 18th through 20th, 2011

The big event in the RL Steamlands is ALL-CON, in Dallas, TX, starting today (in fact, they are already an hour or so into the gathering), and running until Sunday.  Though it isn't a dedicated Steampunk event, it does appear to have Steampunk elements to it, so if you happen to be in the Dallas-Ft Worth area, do make it a point of visiting!  For more information, please visit:

Although San Francisco is best known for its Victorian homes, the beautiful town of Port Townsend in Washington state has an amazing collection of classic Victorian home, comprising both renovated and original structures.  After a year long absence, the Port Townsend Victorian Festival has returned (so I'm told)!  This being said, I've been unsuccesful in locating a working url for further information regarding the event, but even so, one dosen't need a website to hop in the car and visit the stunning structures (such as the Ann Starrett Mansion, picured above), so if one wishes to simply pay a visit, I would recommend a quick visit to some of the below locations for a hidden gem of Victorian architecture...

The original Port Townsend Victorian Festival link (perhaps it'll return...) - www.­victorianfestiva­l.­org
PT Guide -
Port Townsend History -
Port Townsend's Wiki -,_Washington
... and a bit on the Ann Starrett Mansion (well done, and well worth the visit!) -

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Indulge in Miss Alexandra Hamer's newest album, Anachronique!

"Lizzie Green", the lead selection from Miss Hamer's newest release!

A bit behind the time, but I did wish to point out that Miss Alexandra Hamer, an exceptionally talented Steampunk musician, has released her latest album, Anachronique!  A fusion of classical music and modern interpretation, Miss Hamer's work provides an outstanding and enjoyable selection of excellent work!  To learn more about, please visit her main page (and associated locales), at:

Her main musical website -
Facebook -
My Space -
... and of course, at the Steampunk Empire, at:

Olga, Soft Upon Me, another track from Anachronique

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Air Kraken Day, March 17th, 011!

Steampunk has a few dedicated holidays (e.g. Tesla's Birthday) in RL, and a more extensive listing of holidays in SL, but one that remains standard throughout is Air Kraken day, celebrated on March 17 of every year.  Not sure why it is the same day as Saint Patrick's day, but I certainly won't object to any day which celebrates giant air cephalpods and drinking Guinness!

This being the case, I did wish to mention an outstanding website, not necessarily exclusive to Air Krakens, but to to its entire association of like creatures.  The Cephalopod Tea Party is one of the most extensive sites regarding these amazing creatures, and though there isn't too much on Air Krakens, it is an outstanding location to spend a bit of time!  To pay it a visit, please turn to:

As one might know, I'm also a fan of "Steampunk in Facebook", so I've located a few kraken sites on Facebook, in case on wishes to pay them a visit on this day of cephalopod awareness...

Not Being Eaten by an Air Kraken
and of course, Air Kraken Day!

Earlier this month, the outstanding "A Caledonian Journey", penned by Miss Rihanon Jameson, spotted the first Air Kraken of 2011 in the SL Steamlands!  This giant behemoth is generally peaceful, unless angered or feels its territory has been encroached, which seems to be the cause of if infamous temper and destructive abilities.

An Air Kraken over New Babbage, circa 2008

For more details on this mysterious creature, please visit her journal, at:

... and more on Air Krakens, at:

Air Krakens over New Babbage in the Steamlander...

Historical reviews of Air Krakens, at:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Steampunk Medals on Esty...

On a longutital topic associated with the previously mentioned poll question, I did think it was a bit disingenous simply leave the question hanging regarding where one might obtain interesting, but non-real-military, medals.  Therefore, I made a small list of links and leads to companies and individuals who specialize in said items.  Some are badges, some are medals, but all are quite unique, and to the best of my estimation, are not related to current militaries, so do consider a view, if you'd like... (I've taken the liberty of making the url link directly to a specific item, if the vendor does not specifically specialize in Steampunk items)!

Please bear in mind, the listing is only a sampling of the outstanding goods available on Esty, and as is common, its easy to go down the proverbial "rabbit hole", link by link, and find many other excellent Steampunk accoutrement (which I'd certainly encourage)!  Please do indulge in searching, if you happen to have a bit of time!....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Steampunk Inception in 60 seconds...

Again, IO9 located a very clever Steampunk-esque version of Inception in 60 seconds (apparently Mr. Matzl does many works in 60 seconds) - so I decided to post it tonight!  For more details on it, please do visit the link, at:!5781525/inception-in-60-seconds-with-old+timey-paper-dolls

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Steampunk Poll Question - Real Military Medals on Steampunk Uniforms...

Turn of the century Tunisian Medals

This poll question ventures into somewhat controversial material this time – the topic of wearing medals with Steampunk attire.  Being prior military, I had wondered about this topic in a peripheral sense (e.g. should a medal from a military organization be worn as part of, for lack of a better term, costume).  A recent thread on the Steampunk Empire regarding this topic did pique my curiosity, and certainly did provide a number of viewpoints on wearing of medals.  As such, I figured I would post this as a poll question, and see what the majority of the readers of this yellow rag say…

"Old unidentified medal", from

The effort to distill the choices for the poll were challenging, as there are plenty shades of gray to address, but here is the question I have devised….

Is it acceptable to wear medals from current military organizations on Steampunk attire?

Yes – If I can purchase a medal, I have no qualms wearing it.
Yes – If I’ve earned the medals from active duty service, I have no qualms wearing them.
Yes – Wearing medals is simply part of my Steampunk persona, and I do not consider it disrespectful to active duty service members - this is akin to actors wearing medals to represent service members.
No – Wearing medals from active duty service is disrespectful to service veterans.
Other - My view is not represented in the above choices.

Persian Medals, Circa 1919

I specifically used the term “current military organizations” to reflect any current military service, regardless of nationality.  A gadfly might argue that wearing a medal from a defunct military organization is disrespetfuly, but I’d wager to say that not many people (nor the defunct military organization) would be offended if one wore a medal from, say, the Ottoman Empire, even if one would have the financial wherewithal to afford said item.

I realize that there are controversial legal issues concerning the wearing of medals, which one has not earned.  The lead post of the Steampunk Empire thread references the Stolen Valor Act (in the United States), and other nations have specific laws regarding wearing military awards, but again, I would like to focus specifically on the poll question… for a more complete complex analysis of legal issues, I’d recommend a visit to the aforementioned Steampunk Empire thread.

Finally, please, no political commentaries.  There are plenty of other places which are better forums for political discussions, and I will be exceptionally hesitant to post political opinions (aka – they will not be posted).  The focus will be on the lead poll question, not on political discussion.  I will make mention on the Steampunk Empire about this poll, and its is likely a better forum for said discussions.  The thread in question is located at: 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dr. Grordbort: Onwards to Victory!

Again, IO9 has more news on Dr. Grordbort, from Weta Workshop!  This time, it a cruel teaser trailer involving the doctor (attached to a military unit), in combat on Venus!  I must concur with attached headline - if only it were a full length movie!  Still, do enjoy the teaser, and consider visiting the IO9 site with further Weta Workshop links, at...!5780880/weta-workshops-steampunk-battle-on-venus-deserves-to-be-a-whole-movie

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Steampunk Events for March 11th - 13th, 2011...

There are two exciting Steampunk events taking place this weekend... the first is in New York City, and will be hosted at the Way Station, one of Steampunk newest entertainment venues!  On March 13th, from 6-10 pm, there will live performers, contest giveaways, and a visit by the BBC international to document the event!  For more details, I would recommend a visit to Beyond Victoriana (who's editor, Miss Ay-leen the Peacemaker will be in attendance at this event) for more details), at...

Just a bit south of the Way Station, and just a bit earlier (on Saturday, the 12th of March), Dorian's Parlor will be hosting a event, a fashion show by internationally renown designer Alex London, who will be showing  the 2010/2011 collection titled "Chassant Le Lapin Blanc", based on elements of the literary classic "Alice in Wonderland".  To indulge in this presentation, and outstanding musical entertainment, please do consider a visit to their homepage for more information, located at:

Mechanical insects featured on IO9...

Just a quick link to a very intriguing set of Steampunk influenced insects at IO9 - do take a peek at it these little devils if you have a chance, at:!5780227/meet-the-steampunk-arthropods-who-will-infest-your-airship/gallery/1

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sonore Ex Machina - a Steampunk short...

This particular video caught my eye, as the stylization of it harkens to the classic "Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello".  An excellent work, and I certainly do look forward to further productions from Mr. Souteyrand - please do enjoy!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yet another mediocre attempt to denigrate Steampunk....

From what I've been able to ascertain from my sources, the Wild Wild West Convention in Tucson this past  weekend was a smashing success!  One would think that with such success, good press regarding the genre would follow, and though there was indeed good words spread about the gathering....

... it seems the judgmental nay-sayers desired to bray just a little bit!  Via, a "hard-hitting" piece about Steampunk attire was brought to my attention.  Titled "Seven Overdone Steampunk Fashions at the Wild Wild West Con" it is the latest "last-minute-I-need-to-push-out-something-to-justify-my-column" effort by elements of the media.  Miss Niki D'Andrea took a moment from her horticultural investigations (e.g. "Learn to make marijuana-infused foods with Baked!"; "Greenway University to hold seminar on medical marijuana") to focus her eagle-eyed fashion sense on her perceived shortcoming of Steampunk fashions with her latest article blog entry.

Bit of a condescending piece, but again, as the genre begins to become better known, it will have to suffer the slings and barbs those who have a turned-nose dislike towards individuals simply attempting to enjoy themselves and express their creativity.  Do consider a brief read, as though many are chiming in on the article (though I have yet to see the author make a comment to respond/defend her proclamations).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cannon Fodder - a Steampunk anime from 1995...

While hunting down articles, I came across this bit of classic Steampunk anime from Mr. Katsuhiro Otomo, the legendary anime director of Robot Carnival, Akira, and the ground-breaking Steampunk favorite, Steamboy.  "Cannon Fodder" is one of his earlier works, and one can see the impact that this early work had on his Steamboy.

I do realize that the above clip is in Japanese (translated into Spanish), but a visit to Wikipedia provided a synopsis of the work....

"In a walled city perpetually at war, everyone's lives and livelihood depend upon maintaining and firing the enormous cannons that make up most of the city. Nearly every building in the city is equipped with a cannon of varying size, able to fire huge artillery shells over the city walls. Though the story is centered around a young boy and his father, who works as a lowly cannon-loader, the film is dedicated to the lives of the anonymous citizens of the city who slave to fuel and maintain this parody of the twentieth century war machine.
During the course of the film, the city is surrounded in clouds of smoke and dust and the mobile "enemy city" is never shown despite continuous reports of great success, leading the viewer to speculate if there really is an enemy at all, or if the walled city is simply firing into the clouds to perpetuate a war that has become its entire means of economy. This theme is similar to that of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Fouralbeit with a surrealistic tone.
At the end of the movie, the boy comes home from school, with a news reporter on the television talking about the near-destruction of the enemy city. The boy hops into his bed, saying that someday he wants to be the exalted officer who fires the cannons, and not become a worker like his father."

Though it wasn't as well received as his other works, one can see the artistic influence of Cannon Fodder on his later Steampunk works.  To learn more about Mr. Otomo, please do consider a visit to his Wiki, at:!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Steampunk Trailer - the Della Morte Sisters!

The Della Morte Sisters - Abigail, Beatrix, and Zarah

Came across this interesting lead on a new Steampunk series titled "The Della Morte Sisters", a trailer for a projected longer animation effort.  Found it quite intriguing, as not only is it a production, but the designers have taken the extra step and fleshed out the psudo-historical background for the Della Morte world.  For more information, please visit their website, at:

Trailer for the Della Morte Sisters endeavor

Friday, March 4, 2011

Steampunk Events, March 4th - 6th, 2011

As mentioned earlier this week, the Wild Wild West Con looks to be one of the great Steampunk events this year!  Starting on Friday afternoon, the Wild Wild West is replete with Steampunk goodness!  For a link to the Steampunk Tribune's pre-view of the event, please look here, or to visit their main site, please visit here!

SheVaCon, a fantastic Science Fiction and Fantasy convention in Southern Virginia, has opened its doors, early, and its exciting events are going strong (as I type)!  If you are fortunate enough to be in the Roanoke, Virginia area, then do pay a visit - for further information, please visit...

Last but not least, the Alternate Living Expo will be taking place this Saturday the 5th and Sunday 6th, in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center (in Philadelphia, PA, US).  The "Back to the Future" has a specific Steampunk theme, and will be replete with Victorian artifacts, replicas, design plans, era industrial works, workshops (to show off your own design works, how to locate and salvage early pieces of furniture), and much, much, more!  The number of merchants and Steampunk dedicated VIPs is quite impressive (including the Steampunk Family, and one of my favorite Steampunk groups, Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band!  If you are in the area, by all means pay a visit, starting here:!