Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victorian Silhouettes of Science Fiction Individuals....

Number 6, in Silhouette

IO9 has a plethora of unique and interesting articles... many of which have a longitudinal relationship to Steampunk.  A few days ago, one of those articles snuck up on its board - one involving Victorian Silhouettes and Science Fiction characters.  As most likely know, Silhouette Art was a popular means of image representation (yes, in the proverbial silhouette), of the Steampunk era, with exceptionally complex representations developing over time.

However, a Mr. O. Moss recently decided to engage in a project - composing silhouettes of famous (or at least well known) science fiction characters.  At first, as scrolled though the brief selection in the IO9 piece, I was amused, but after visiting the gentleman's website, where he has an impressive selection of his work, I was enraptured with either identifying those I liked, or simply trying to identify those which were challenging!

Bender, in Silhouette

An impressive body of work, and do take a moment to indulge in the video about Mr. Moss' show in Los Angeles came about.  Unfortunately, the show was last Friday (20 May 11), but his many pieces are on his blog for your enjoyment!

Sideshow Bob, in Silhouette

For more details, please visit...

The IO9 article, at: http://io9.com/5806431/victorian-paper-silhouettes-of-famous-and-infamous-scifi-characters

The Slash Film blog, which include an interview with Mr. Moss, at: http://www.slashfilm.com/exclusive-interview-artist-olly-moss-top-secret-paper-cuts-exhibit/

Mr. Moss' website, at: http://ollymosspapercuts.blogspot.com/

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cogwheel Magazine, Issue #1

A new periodical in the world of Steampunk - Cogwheel, Issue one, is on the virtual newsstands!  Through the ceaseless efforts of Mr. D.R. Swinhoe perseverance, he has produced an exceptional online magazine, which includes interviews with The Men That Will Be Blamed For Nothing, Mr. Paul Guinan (creator of Boilerplate), Sunday Driver, and many, many more notables in Steampunk circles.  There is plenty to read - comperative Steampunk music analysis, Steampunk DIY projects, and much more to read (personally, I'm reading (and enjoying) Cogwheel)!  

To take a gander, please visit his website, at: http://danswin.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/cogwheel/

Or go directly to Cogwheel, at: http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/56142758

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Liberty Cove

An aerial view of Liberty Cove

One of the most renown Steampunk designers in Second Life is Mr. Sextan Shepherd, who not only revolutionized many Steampunk builds with his amazing textures, but further innovated SL Steampunk architectural design with exceptionally impressive builds, which were not only unique in their Steampunk genre theme, but also cohesive thematic in their narrative, including his well-document Nemo build.

The sloping town, with its many stores and his hovering guardian!

Liberty Cove, is a small respite from his previous stunning build.  It is divided in to three sections.  First, the "town" houses his previous works for sale, including his ships, textures, globes, and a few new, smaller items he has crafted.

At the entrance of the town....

As one works his or her way down the original landing point, his very simple but useful storefronts provide a basic idea of what each store holds.

.... one can shop many of Mr. Shepherd's unique items in the stores...

As far as I can perceive, most of what he has offered in the past is here - including a few freebies (lol)!  The slope is slight, so it makes for a nice view of this area.  Additionally, it has been quite lag-free, which is a nice benefit during SL seemingly on-going travails with its virtual soupy movements.

... including his outstanding airships!

Of course, his signature ships are located here as well - just a quick visit is all that is required to indulge - though there is no area for rezzing ships.  I wouldn't say that is much of a problem, as much of his work is quite visible throughout SL.

Apparently Liberty Cove has a bit more hidden history!

Additionally, his attention to detail and subtle sense of humor is apparent in many hidden (or perhaps not so hidden) aspects of Liberty Cove, including some archeological details (as per above).  One will note, that this sim does comprise of essentially three sections, with the rest having the appearance of a volcanic cove.  (A good way to save on prims and focus on the build highlights).

This Italian-influence structure houses the Oracle, seen in the center of the build.

On a second "island", the Oracle, another unique build of Mr. Shepherd's resides.  I admit to liking it, though I seem to be able to miss its "rotation" to a new lens - quite frustrating, though thats' my own doing.  Perhpas getting a bit slow in my "old age" (I'm almost 1700 days old)!

The lenses rotate on a regular basis - and is quite interesting to watch.

There is a very detailed (and working) drawbridge between the Oracle and the Observatory.  Yes, it does work, and again, is not only the bridge well detailed, but does actually work (as I happened to learn when I activated it and hit a poor noob on the head with it (/me pulls my collar away from my neck)!

The tranquil and verdant island, housing a few more surprises

The Observatory has a number of builds on it, including an outdoor clock, one of his signature globes, a nice viewing area, and of course, and observatory.

The Stellar Supernova Observatory...

I can't recall seeing the observatory before, but as always, Mr. Shepherd is full of surprises.  Actually, the Observatory island was my favorite location of the three, a bit of an "escape" where one can relax and just attend to business, in a nice Steampunk environment.

... which, in fact, does work - simply have a seat!

I can only assume the gentleman has plans for something more extravagant and impressive in the future, but until then, a visit to Liberty Cove is not only an excellent "get away", but an opportunity to visit an excellent example of SL Steampunk design.

A view of the outdoor clock and working drawbridge back to the Oracle

To pay the beautiful Liberty Cove a visit and enjoy a bit of the Michelangelo of Steampunk's work, do follow this SLurl to it... http://slurl.com/secondlife/liberty%20cove/161/57/41/

Friday, May 27, 2011

Songs for Acid Ted, by the Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer

Ah!  The weekend has finally arrived, a respite from the travails of the work-a-day week!  As such, I'll begin my own celebration with one of my favorite compilations from Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer, titled Songs for Acid Edward.  One of his standards, his video is an outstanding work - please do enjoy it!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

World Steam Expo this weekend!

The 2011 World Steam Expo will be taking place this long Memorial Day weekend, in beautiful Dearborn, Michigan!  A wide array of guests, events, and merchants will be in attendence... in fact, a bit ago, the blog Multiculturalism for Steampunk had a list of the top ten reasons to visit (linked here)!  So after taking a bit of a read, do visit their website, and if one happens to be fortuitous enough to be nearby Dearborn, consider a trip to this exciting event!  For more details, please head here... http://www.worldsteamexpo.com/index.php

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Thieves of Westminster - A Steampunk short

As one knows, I'm quite the fan of Steampunk video works, so when I came across this endeavor by Mr. Daniel Bailey, titled "The Thieves of Westminster", I was quite impressed with the exceptional background which the story takes place.  Mr. Bailey, a 3d environmental artist has certainly produced a gem with this latest work, and though I gather this may simply be a small endeavor for his University work, one can certainly hope that a longer version someday makes itself known!  For more details regarding Mr. Bailey's other productions, please do visit his website, at: http://www.ravenanimations.co.uk/home

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poll Results: Is it acceptable to wear medals from current military organizations on Steampunk attire?

Stigma 13, by Mr. Nelson Quintero

A bit ago, on the Steampunk Empire, there was an interesting thread about wearing RL military medal with Steampunk attire.  After quite a bit of banter regarding legalities and a few personal observations by those involved, I felt it would be an excellent question to post to the readers of the Tribune.

Well, I must say I hadn't anticipated the results of this particular poll.  The results are as follows:


No - Wearing medals from active military organizations is disrespectful to service veterans.
66 votes - 36%
Yes - If I have earned the medal from my military service, I have no qualms wearing them.
66 votes - 36%
Yes - Wearing medals is simply part of my Steampunk persona, and I do not consider it disrespectful to military service members.
19 votes - 10%
Yes - If I can purchase a medal, I have no qualms wearing it.
15 votes - 8 %
Other - my view is not represented in the above choices.
16 votes - 8 %

Based on 182 votes to the poll.

What does it mean?  It seems there is quite a distinct opinion towards either not wearing them, of if one has active duty service, wearing them if they've been earned, with both of those selections being identical in percentage (36%) and votes (66).  I had projected that the third selection would have garnered more support (not my choice, mind you), but the use of RL medals as props seems to a position supported by a minimal number of respondents (10% of the vote, with 19 votes supporting this choice).  A more… mercantile option (the "if I can purchase it, I have no qualms wearing it", with 15 votes and 8% of the selections), was nudged out by the infamous "Other", by a single vote.

So, there you have it - if you do happen to see a real military medal on Steampunk attire, its most likely the individual in question has earned it.  Of course, were one to acquire a non-offensive defunct military medal, or design/make an original medal, it would likely garner more interest than a one that is currently in use, imo.  (For example, were I to see someone with a "Good Conduct Medal" on their Steampunk attire, my first thought would be "Seriously?".  Then again, I'm a bit of a self-admitted curmudgeon).

As I'm running a bit low on questions, I thought I'd try something new and "open the floor" to prospective questions from readers of the blog.  If you have a question which you'd like to submit for the general readership, please do take a moment and forward it to the editor (me), at TheSteampunkTribune [at] yahoo [dot] com!  I'll be happy to attempt to hash out suggested ideas!

Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Steampunk Worlds Fair Images and Videos...

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

The 2011 Steampunk Worlds Fair has come and gone - but not with out memories of this great event.  As I was vexed with missing this gathering, I've posted the a slideshow (via the Steampunk Worlds Fair Flickr), so one might have to opportunity to see a bit of the happenings.  Additioanlly, I've added a video from the fellows at "Super Happy Awesome Movie Time" (SHAMT), who documented the events ... at the event.  Nonetheless, do enjoy!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steampunk Reviews - Episode # 25: Steampunk II - Steampunk Reloaded

Well, trying to catch up with Miss Yankee999's works, so I"m presenting episode #25 of her Steampunk Reviews, which focuses on Steampunk II - Steampunk Reloaded.  Her work is excellent, so please do enjoy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Events this weekend!....

To big events are taking place this weekend, albeit the RL event is likely going on a tad longer...
In Second Life, the Third Annual Robber Baron's Ball is taking place this Saturaday, May the 21st, from 6pm to 9pm SLT.  For more details on the event, please do visit New Babbage's website, which provides the build contest theme and more details about this evening's events!  Please visit: http://cityofnewbabbage.com/drupaltest/node/2423 , and your lovely hostess' site, at:

Of course, one of the events all RL Steampunks have been looking for is the Steampunk Worlds Fair!  Today has a cacophony of events, so vice trying to list them all, do take a gander at their master schedule, and if one happens to be lucky enough to be in attendance, make a choice - every event looks outstanding!  For the complete schedule, please look here: http://www.oneiroievents.com/thesteampunkworldsfair/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/SPWF-2011-Schedule-SITE1.pdf

Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking musical recordings... back to wax!

With the bounty of technology most indulge in today, one can become a bit forgetful of traditional means of working endeavors.  One such project is being headed by a Mr. Thomas Negovan, an orchestra director and performer, is busy reproducing music not on digital medium, but on analog mediums - wax!  As originally performed by Mr. Thomas Edison (yes, the nemesis of the Five Fists of Science), Mr. Negovan is working to perform the first professional "on-cylinder" recording in almost 100 years.  The Kick-starter narrative is very enlightening - I hadn't realized that to make the recording, the physical force of the wind from the guitar and the voice of the performer are used to have the sapphire cut into the wax for the recording itself!  Please do pay a visit to this unique and intriguing by visiting its Kickstarter location - I'm certain you'll be impressed!  (its right here:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/337503446/2011-cylinder-record-to-tape-to-vinyl-all-analog-r )!

(a tip of the hat to Mr. Jack, at GuildCentury.net for the heads up!)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Steampunk World's Fair - This Weekend!

One of the most anticipated events in the real world Steamlands is set to take place this weekend - The Steampunk World's Fair!  Starting on Friday, the 20th of May, the doors open at 11am, followed by the official Opening Ceremonies a 1pm.  From that point on, it is a whirlwind of activities, events, shows, and much more to experience!  There will be a galaxy of Steampunk VIPs in attendance (a few are posted above, but the full listing is here), so the opportunity is most certainly available to meet those talented one has only heard or read about as well!

One of the many events at this year's Steampunk World's Fair!

I certainly cannot do justice to the outstanding website provided by the hard working individuals behind the scenes, so I will simply advise those who enjoy Steampunk and have a pulse to make plans to journey to beautiful Somerset, New Jersey, to enjoy what appears to be a superlative event of the Steampunk season!  Before you calculate how long it will take to arrive in New Jersey, do take a gander at their website for more information  at: http://www.oneiroievents.com/thesteampunkworldsfair/

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Captain Nemo selected for the sequel to the classic 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Mr. Hugh Bonneville, from Masterman (from Murder on the Orient Express)

Well, first off, its good to see that a small independent company has taken the lead from the Disney mega-conglomerate in producing what may end up being a good Steampunk production.  There is still quite a bit that is up in the air about this endeavor, including the questioning comment that it will be in "3-D" (not necessarily why I'd see a movie, but then again, its a sequel to 20K Leagues under the Sea regardless).  Nonetheless, it may provide good exposure to the genre, and ideally improve its exposure in a positive way (vice the Steampunk nay-sayers which are quite in vogue as of late).

However, when the announcement of the individual who was selected to play the legendary fictional character of Captain Nemo, my first thought (as an American) was..."who"?  Which was followed by... "I thought he was supposed to be an Indian fellow" (my understanding from the novels, anyway).  I'm certain that Mr. Bonneville is a fine actor and all, but as a curmudgeonly Steampunk quasi-purist, I would have thought that a choice more reflective of the book would have been made.  I would hardly call myself politically correct, but in The Mysterious Island (the sequel Mssr. Verne penned after 2KLUS), Captain Nemo reveals himself as Prince Drakkar, son of the Hindu Raj of the Kindgom of Bundlekund.  Well, here's hoping that Mr. Bonneville portrays my favorite Captain with the dignity and good seamanship one of Steampunk's greatest fictional figures merits!

Oh, and bit more on the press announcement and the movie...

The Hollywood Reporter

Screen Daily

The Geek Syndicate

Total Film

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney - A Penny Dreadful

The Cover of the newest Penny Dreadful!

I was approached the other day by a Mr. D. Doub, the publisher of Dusk Comics, who informed of a very interesting endeavor he was involved in producing.  The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney is a three part penny dreadful about the adventures of Miss Tilney, or as described by Mr. Doub himself...

"Dusk Comic has always been a fan of the Gothic and Victorian Literature. So we present - The Trial And Tribulations of Miss Tilney - Penny Dreadful in comic form, inspired by writers of the era. A love letter to Gothic, but more than original enough to stand on it’s own."

A sneak peek at the interior work... 

Dusk comics does provide a bit more insight as to what the Trials and Tribulations will be about...

""Cub Reporter Henrietta Tilney is sent on her first assignment, to interview accused mass murderer Lord Beowulf Harwood.  But young Henrietta quickly finds out there is much more to this story and its subject Lord Harwood.  Will this plucky young reporter get her story and survive with her life intact?" 

... and a bit of tribulation for Miss Tilney!

Do take a moment to visit Dusk Comics, and learn more about this excellent new work!  For more details, please visit their homepage, at: http://www.duskcomics.com/

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Steampunk Travelogue: Angeleno Heights

The landmark Opera House, at Angeleno Heights

The front of Vagabonds (to the right...)

Seeing the evolution of new destinations in the Steamlands is impressive, as the interpretation of the time tends to change, and the focus of Steampunk in the small incubator of Steampunk innovation shows new aspects of the genre.  One such location which expands beyond the traditional appearance of a Steampunk sim is the new Angeleno Heights, a location which harkens to classic turn-of-the-century Los Angeles, with many representations of icons of the RL era and time.  I was fortunate enough to impose upon the sim's owner, Mr. Quentin Falworth, for a bit more information regarding Angeleno Heights...

... the entrance to Vagabond's....

The Steampunk Tribune: Could you tell a bit about your sim's inception and inspiration?

Mr.Quentin Falworth: Inspiraiton has come from several sources, for example the real district of Los Angeles called Angeleno Heights, period sims, and RP set up in the Victorian Age, and an overall appreciation for vintage.  Having the Old Hollywood sim, and seeing the need for vintage jazz led us toward seeking out even older periods of class and elegance, also combining that with the seedier side of life during the turn of the century at Pike Island.  We're trying to feed both elements, so everyone can find a niche.

...  the cozy bar, and a peek out back...

... along with a view of the seating area facing the Vagabond's stage!

SPT: There are a good number of Steampunk sim sin SL - what sets yours apart from the rest?

QF: We don't claim to be purely Steampunk... and you won't find whirring cogs and wheels here, or even a steam engine.  We are more interested in the true nature of the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.  We're also namely about entertainment, so the backdrops of the Opera House, Carnival/Amusement Park, combined with Victorian Homes and gardens feels more realistic to us than warehouses, factories, and the like.  We are completely Steampunk friendly, and invite guests to express themselves freely here.

The beautiful entrance to the Opera House...

... its massive dance floor, ready for major engagements...

... an a very nice seating area above the stage - with an excellent view!

SPT: What are the most notable parts of your sim (e.g. archecture, builds, ect...)

QF: Our Opera House is a custom build that exists currently nowhere else on the grid, and with our newest addition of Vagabonds right down the street.  Vagabonds is consistent with a cabaret lounge or burlesque bar of the period, replete with a back alley full of hangout spots, and goreous bar and stage that evoke a sense of intamacy and romance.  On the hill sits an abandoned asylum, where you can do a little thrill-seeking freely there.

A nice outdoor resting area...

... with a nice carousel down the street.

SPT: Are there regular events which people can visit and enjoy your sim?

QF: We regularly hold events at the Opera House on Saturdays, Vagabond's on Friday nights, and the Daft House has a full calendar of daily events!  Soon we will have a choice salons and botiques, as well as live performances!

The asylum at the top of the hill 
(a trip on certainly has to want to make)...

... the carnival seating area 
(yes, everything does work, including the cannon)...

... and the entrance to the Daft House!

SPT: Is there anything else you'd care to mention about your sim?

QF: We're looking to encourage RP amongst serious players who are looking for a new home.  Anyone intersted in leading RP should contact Mr. Quentin Falworth.

Inside the Daft House - a very nice and relaxing locale 
(when I was visiting, anyways!)

So, if you wish to enjoy a location with excellent music and entertainment, do consider paying a visit to Angeleno Heights, and its many venues!  For more infomation, and to experience this outstanding build, please follow this SLurl to Pike Island! - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pike%20Island/216/218/41

And finally, a traditional 1900's West Coast relaxation area,
perfect location to recover after a long evening of indulgement!

Friday, May 13, 2011

SyFy to make a Steampunk series... staring H.G. Wells!

Per the Hollywood Reporter (via IO9), the SyFy network will be producing a new series akin to Warehouse 13, which will have the legendary H.G. Wells in an 1890's Steampunk environment.  Its still in its developmental stage (meaning there will be plenty of changes), but this is yet another high profile recognition of Steampunk as a notable genre.  We'll see just how it progresses, but SyFy does tend to take risks, when not involved in the "mutant monster of the week" productions, so one can hope!  For more details, please visit:


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Newest machinima from New Babbage - The Oiling Festival!

The Oiling Festival, one of New Babbage's Seasonal events, was documented this year by the Mayor of New Babbage, Mr. Tenk.  Traditionally celebrated after every spring after the winter snow has melted, factories shut down for a week for cleaning, and of course, a celebration!  For more details about the Oiling Festival, and other Steampunk events on the New Babbage calander, please to pay a visit to the New Babbage house organ, at: http://cityofnewbabbage.com/reader/

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The House of Automata

During my wanderings about the aethernet, I came across an clever article by the ever-useful IO9, which focused on a disturbing French harp player.  However, after digging a bit deeper, I became enthralled a its original source, a company named "The House of Automata"!  As described on its splash page...

"... it is the UK's only specialist automata company, restoring, advising on, and making automata to commission."

A smoking monkey?  Outstanding!

Though one who enjoys Steampunk has visions of giant cogs and gears running gigantic endeavors, it all has to start somewhere, and the House of Automata is certainly a fantastic place to start!  The do original work, as their leader stated, but perhaps more importantly, they restore many of the classic treasure which might have otherwise been lost.

A devilish fellow who can do card tricks!

Needless to say, I'm quite taken with the work and the automata, but as its is said, don't take my word for it! Head on over to the House of Automata, and see the very clever and impressive classic automata house there (in both photos and plenty more videos)!  To do so, please turn to: http://automatomania.co.uk/

(To read the original IO0 article, and see the ... unique French harp player, please turn to...

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Difference Engine Event, coming to Ft Worth, TX, next month!

Commodore Charles Babbage, Inventor of the Difference Engine
(History's first computer!)

(Received this upcoming event from Mr. Del Mar, so I did wish to post it as soon as possible....)

On June 4th in north Central Fort Worth, the “Difference Engine“ will immerse you in the creative world of the retro-futuristic imagination.  This experience, called “Steampunk“, is a blending of science fiction and old world charm, elegance, and adventure from the 19th century. This will be the first ever fully interactive and all “Steampunk” Murder Mystery Theatre event!  From 11 am through 10:30 pm one act of the murder mystery play will be presented about every 2 1/2 hours!  In between acts of the play, you will be entertained by performers offering music, comedy, and dance.

Vice Admiral Radha Narasimhan, 
Commander of the "Defense Forces" of the Difference Engine Summit

For your enjoyment we have also planned panels on a variety of topics related to Steampunk, a large vendors area, gaming room, photography in Steampunk Attire, and a Steampunk Fashion show voted on by the attendees.  After the final act of the play, there will also be a short formal waltz and then a much longer Darkwave dance!  This is indeed a lot of entertainment for the paltry sum of $20.00  Whether you are new to Steampunk or a lifestyler you will be entertained.  For more information go to the official website at:  http://www.the-difference-engine.info/