Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Melancholy Romantic - an outstanding new Steampunk location!

As the last entry for 2011, I was looking for something which I could say would end the year with a "bang"... and did so in a roundabout way!  While seeking further information on yesterday's entry, I stumbled across the Melancholy Romantic... perhaps the most intriguing Steampunk / Neo-Victorian website I have seen.  With cross-functionality covering a wide variety of Steampunk issues of note (e.g. music, literature, conventions, and more), the Melancholy Romantic is painfully beautiful, so I do hearty recommend a visit to the locale!  I am in the process of adding it to the Steampunk Tribune's trifecta links, and to see for yourself, please visit:

Friday, December 30, 2011

Steampunk Video - OneOff Steampunk

OneOff Steampunk from Alessandro Conforti on Vimeo.

A bit of eye candy by a Mr. A. Conforti - a video highlighting some excellent work in assciation with Steampunk.  Alas, I have been unable to find more information regarding this endeavor, but please do enjoy!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Clockwork Dolls - The Complete Instrumental Collection... and outstanding free download!

The Clockwork Dolls provided an excellent Christmas present to Steampunk music lovers - a compilation of their complete instrumental collection - and it is gratis!  Literally, follow this link and download it now - I have it playing as we speak, and it has rocketed as one of my favorite Steampunk albums of this year (next year)?  All I can say is "thank you" to the Clockwork Dolls, and make it a point of acquiring their previous works!  Again, the link for the album is: - and please do enjoy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Dorian's Parlor New Year's Eve Spectacular!

Received word about yet another outstanding event taking place in the beautiful metropolis of Philadelphia!  Dorian's Parlor, on December 31st, (of 2011, of course), will be hosting a cacophony of Steampunk luminaries as they welcome in the New Year!  Said performers included Professor Elemental, The Wandering Cellist, an open bar, a full buffet dinner, VIP gift bags, superlative vendors, and much, much more!

One of the lovely attendees, one can hope!

For more information, please pay a visit to the Dorian's Parlor webpage, at:, or visit their Facebook locations, at: and at: .... also do consider a visit to Ms. Evelyn Kriete's web location, one of the masterminds behind the event, at:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last chance to plan for the Difference Engine!

Just a quick reminder that there is still time to partake of the Difference Engine event if one is able to arrive in beautiful Fort Worth by the 30th of December, this upcoming Friday!  As stated on the December 19th entry...

Received word from my good friend, Mr. Ramon del Mar, that the plans for an incredible end-of-year event is a "go"!  As he succinctly describes it on his blog, The Art of Steampunk...

On December 30th in north Central Fort Worth there will be a really new and different type of entertainment for the metroplex! The “Difference Engine“ will immerse you in the creative world of the retro-futuristic imagination. This is something called “Steampunk“, a blending of science fiction and old world charm, elegance, and adventure from the 19th century. 

For more details regarding the last Steampunk Event of 2011, and the first of 2012, please pass an eye at the full narrative, at: 

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Monster in Paris...

Found a family-friendly, Steampunk-influenced movie with airships, inventors, and a entertainer who happens to be a giant, mutated flea!  It opened, apparently to little fanfare, earlier this fall, and I'm on the watch for it, in case it comes out on DVD, for the younger minions on my "Three Kings Day" list (one more excuse to provide presents)!  If anyone happens to have further information regarding this clever work, please do feel free to leave a comment!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas wishes from the Steampunk Tribune!

Just a brief note to wish all those who take time to stop by the Steampunk Tribune a Steamy and Merry Christmas!

Steampunk Jingle Bells by Abney Park

Came across a very nice holiday gift from Abney Park!  Do enjoy the video, then perhaps consider a Christmas download from their outstanding website, located at:  ... and please have a Happy Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Steampunk Facebook Pages...

Although the Steampunk Facebook links have been a popular addition to the Steampunk Tribune, its a bit of a chore for those interested in finding it, as its buried far down the sidebar of the blog.  So, as a bit of a project, I revamped a previous blog into a central area for Steampunk Facebook links... and very unimaginatively called it the "Steampunk Facebook Pages".  Its still undergoing a few updates and a bit of polishing, but with a bit of time off in the near future, I do expect to have it done.

I realize that there are a still a number of people who have requests for an add, or perhaps wish to be added, so to ensure one's Facebook link is listed, you can either...
a) Leave a comment, with your Facebook address, and I will post it... or...
b) Send an email regarding "Facebook" in the leader line, and I will post it.

(As such, I'll be removing the Steampunk Links on the main page by the end of the month, along with the dedicated header page, as I don't really think its doing the job very well.)  

Additionally, I'll be removing the ETSY pages from the Steampunk Tribune, as I haven't really updated them as I had anticipated, so I don't believe its been as helpful as I had hoped   But... there is a link on the left side of the Steampunk Facebook Pages for merchants, so if your endeavor has a Facebook Link, I'll be happy to post it!

(Once more, this work is still in the process of being updated, so please do be patient!)

The blog address is:, so do feel free to stop by if this catches your fancy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Victorian Hugos...

Mr. Jess Nevins has been running a small project over the past while, where they nominate works which, had the Hugos been around, would have been in contention.  Starting with the year 1885, they are currently at 1889, and seem to be progressing quite nicely through the Steampunk era!  To take a peek at the selections (and "winners", do consider a trip IO9 for a peek, by year..

1885 -
1886 -
1887 -
1888 -
1889 -

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Difference Engine Steampunk Convention & New Year's Eve Ball...

Received word from my good friend, Mr. Ramon del Mar, that the plans for an incredible end-of-year event is a "go"!  As he succinctly describes it on his blog, The Art of Steampunk...

On December 30th in north Central Fort Worth there will be a really new and different type of entertainment for the metroplex! The “Difference Engine“ will immerse you in the creative world of the retro-futuristic imagination. This is something called “Steampunk“, a blending of science fiction and old world charm, elegance, and adventure from the 19th century. 

There have been other Steampunk events and conventions, but this will be the first to present a fully interactive and all “Steampunk” Murder Mystery Theatre LARP event! From midnight through 3:00 am Steampunk Detectives, adventurers, vampires, and sneaky but ruthless killers will go head to head. 

During this 3 day convention you will also be entertained by performers offering music, comedy, and dancing on the main stage.  Cosplay Performers such as Airship Isabella and Kali’s Hourglass will be there interacting with the crowd fully in character. All performances, the Steampunk Fashion show and the Steampunk Costume Contest (voted on by the attendees) will all be presented by our charming and entertaining MC Peter Pixie. 

You will also be enlightened by panels on a variety of topics related to Steampunk fiction in conventions, literature, drama, and the arts. There will be a large vendors area, a gaming room, photography in Steampunk Attire, and many other items for your amusement.  

On New Year's Eve, there will also be a short formal Waltz with Victorian style introduction of any attendees that wish to receive this red carpet treatment.  Masquerade masks and slightly more elaborate attire is encouraged, but not required at both this and the midnight ball!  

Right after that will be performances from Captain Madd, then Darwin Prophet and the Chronus Mirror, and finally the headline musical act, our own world famous Marquis of Vaudville who will play until midnight! After the midnight festivities, we will have a dance to Darkwave Music! 

The entire three day convention pass is only $40.00 and the New Year’s Eve Ball including the three band Saturday night concert and Darkwave dance is only $15.00.  This is indeed a lot of entertainment for the paltry sum of $55.00 

For more details on the fictional back story that is woven throughout this event and includes the colorful characters in the photo above go to:  Art of Steampunk Blog on blogspot under:

Newly Discovered Film Suggests Ada Lovelace May Not Have Died of Natural Causes

To learn more about this upcoming event, please consider a visit to the Difference Engine's home page, at:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Neo-Victoria Photo Contest is in full swing!...

Received word earlier today of an excellent opportunity for budding (and experienced) Steampunk photographers, especially for those who wish to display their talents on a large canvas.  Neo-Victorian, in conjunction with, is sponsoring a Steampunk photography contest, specifically...

The team behind NeoVictoria, the well-known Second Life® roleplaying simulation, is running a photo contest. Participants submit photos that represent the spirit of this amazing steampunk community and submit them to The NeoVictoria Project group on Koinup. [Koinup is a free social network based on user-generated content, with a focus on virtual worlds.]

The Prizes:
~ 1st Place - $5000 Linden dollars™
~ 2nd Place - $3000 Linden dollars™
~ 3rd Place - $2000 Linden dollars™
~ 4rd Place - $1000 Linden dollars™
~ 5th Place through 12thPlace – $250 Linden dollars™ each

In addition to the prize money, winners will be featured on the NeoVictoria website ( and in the calendar.  The complete rules are here...

If you are up to the challenge, do take advantage of the opportunity, and start taking your photos!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Steampunk Merchants: Chrononaut Mercantile

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, ideas for outstanding Steampunk items are essential from quality purveyors... and one such merchant with exquisite Steampunk items is a long-time sponsor of the Steampunk Tribune, namely Chrononaut Mercantile!

Taking a trip to Chrononaut Mercantile is always a tempting pleasure, as they have a plenitude of items which easily attract the eye, including iconic Steampunk gifts, such as a stunning pair of goggles (as pictured above)...

... and attire, such as the Adventure's Vest (shown above).  I do happen to have a penchant for this particular work, as I am quite impressed with the impressive attention to detail show in the small accents (such as the buttoning and trim), so I think it would be safe to say that its is quite a gem, for the lucky fellow (or lady) who is fortunate enough to find this under the tree next weekend!...

Which of course leads to the imporatnt fact - one shopping week (as of this posting), so do expidite your purchase!  To take a longer look at their impressive seleciton, please consider a visit to their webiste, at:

Friday, December 16, 2011

Sherlock Holmes II is finally out!

After surviving the recent low of Steampunk (yes, the oft mentioned, and quite painful to watch Justin Bieber "Steampunk" video"), a Steampunk gem has re-emerged!  Sherlock Holmes II, A Game of Shadows opens this evening, and I felt it was appropriate to give a quick mention to this well received production (or at least by "critical" review).  From the list of reviews I have garnered so far, it looks to be outstanding, albeit there seemed to be much hand-wringing about an overly friendly relationship between the two protagonists at IO9. Nonetheless, it is a breath of fresh air to have this Steampunk Christmas treat... and it is the proverbial "out the door", so I can catch the showing this evening!  

Do enjoy an interview at the London Premiere, enjoy a few reviews (listed below)... then venture forth and enjoy the production!

Well... enough reviews - go and see it!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steampunk Christmas Shopping: The Evolution Store, 2011...

Well, its Christmas time just around the corner, meaning I am seriously eyeing some of the fantastic goods from a store I do hope to visit in person (someday), the Evolution Store!  Although I first blogged about it "way back" in 2009, their amazing array of goods and products is simply fascinating!

The range of goods covers a wide spectrum - from a "do it yourself" real human skeleton (aka, you have to put together yourself... and its just a hair under 5000 USD), to the clever little Jackalope, which would look fantastic in any gentleman's den (or a lady's den, for that matter)!

On the more affordable end, there is a cacophony of additional goods, including the above "brain soap", mineral book ends, specimen display boxes, a phrenology head, even a Crook's Radiometer!  The possibilities are endless, to do consider taking a quick peek at The Evolution Store as there is a week left to treat your favorite Steampunk enthusiast to that special something!  For a jaunt, please follow this link....

(and a thank you to my old friend, Mr. S. Dagger, for reminding me I need to go shopping here!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Piermont Landing Presents - The 4th Annual Steam Santa and Boiler Elf Ball!

Its the holiday season in New Babbage, so it must meant that Steam Santa (and Boiler Elf) will be paying a visit, bring coal to the bad children and... even more coal to the good children!  As has been the tradition in the City-State since its inception, but this year, there will be an earlier ball as well - the Santa's Helpers Urchin's Ball.  Plenty of gifts, music and entertainment for the holiday season is in store!

The Santa's Helpers Urchin's Ball will start on Saturday, the 17th of December, and run from 2 to 4 pm, SLT... and the Fourth Annual Steam Santa and Boiler Elf Ball will start a bit after, from 6 to 9 pm, SLT... so catch one or the other, or better yet, catch both!  Be seeing you there!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Steampunk Music: Victor Sierra's Electric Rain

Sometimes kismet certainly comes into play when one least expect it... as I trudge through my re-re-written future piece, I was contacted by a Mr. B. Eisenstein, one of the very talented musicians from the Steampunk musical group Victor Sierra, regarding their latest work, Electric Rain.  As many may know, I can be a bit stodgy with some of my musical selection (up until recently, I was working on a segue between opera and Steampunk), but as I am a curious sort, I took a listen to their recently released album... and I am quite glad I did!

Unlike some recent popular musical productions, Victor Sierra's music attend to the genre in a very well-done manner (yes, I'm referring to the already infamous Justin Bieber video, and a few additional artists with Steampunk placations).  Many of the tracks are unique works, but as I beat my keys, my fancy has been subsumed by their rendition of Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, which is, as everyone knows, refers to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Mr. L. Carroll.  By all means, do take a visit to indulge in their musical works, and I am confident you will pleasantly surprised!  For a bit of audio enjoyment, please visit their Bandcamp location, found at:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Just glue some gears on it an call it Steampunk"...

Still working on my small soapbox piece, but as fortune would have it, a longitudinal work came out, which is not only very well done, but quite intriguing... and a bit of an anathema the genre has experienced, with the higher exposure it has had during the past year.  Please do enjoy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dr. Grordbort's "The Deadliest Game" Trailer...

Well, I was busy working on a diatribe about a particularly disturbing, but expected eventuality with the beloved genre, but as I am not quite finished with it yet, fate handed a bit of a blogger "hall pass", and up popped this beautiful work by Mr. J. Cunningham, and talented students from the Media Design School, about the legendary Steampunk adventurer, Dr. Grordbort!  Titled "The Deadliest Game", it is a very well done trailer - and one can only hope the extended work will make its way to realization soon!  Please do enjoy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Consurgo, an outstanding animated short...

Came across this little gem on IO9 the other day - very different from what some consider traditional Steampunk, but the extraordinary job Colorbleed studios did on this piece is very impressive, albeit perhaps a bit disturbing to some.  Do take a see, and if you would like to learn more about it, consider a trip to their Vimeo page, which is replete with information regrading the studio - Do enjoy!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Curio Emporium, presented by Fear Finds

Looking for some unique items for the Christmas holidays?  (Beyond bones, as the screen capture show, that is)... Well, if you happen to be in South Pasadena, do consider a visit to The Curio Emporium, which has a unique selection of some exceptionally outstanding Steampunk items.  In addition to Steampunk optical accessories, I was intrigued by the Atlas beetle listed, as well as the bottle of Shinola - though I think it goes with something....

A view inside The Curio Emporium

After your curiosity has been piqued, do consider a visit to their outstanding website, which is very well done, with excellent music, newsletter, upcoming events, promotionals, and a link to their Ebay store!  For further information, please turn to:

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Anachronism presents... "Dinosaurs"!

Alas, it appears the Steampunk social season will be concentrated in the New York City area this weekend, but for good reason!  The Anachronism, Steampunk's iconic east coast venue, is presenting an outstanding event this Sunday, the 4th of December, from 3pm to midnight... as their official flyer states...


Sunday, December 4th, 2011
3:00 PM to 12:00 AM at Webster Hall
125 East 11th Street, New York, NY
Tickets: $15 (door)

New York City’s most welcoming and overwhelmingly eclectic Steampunk event returns for a third engagement! We invite you to experience an as-yet, little-explored Steampunk crossover: dinosaurs. These thunder-lizards have captured the imagination of Verne, Wells, Doyle, and other prolific writers. But they have been unfortunately and inexplicably absent from most events – until now.

The Anachronism is an incredibly friendly event for people who like interesting music, Renfaires, geeky things, or other fun weirdness.  Our launching point is mad Victorian fantasy - but we're open to anyone! Dress as you’d like, and just have fun.

Each Anachronism hosts about a dozen different performers, of various musical styles. Our headliners, Frenchy and the Punk (formerly The Gypsy Nomads), fuse live guitar looping, cheeky ballads, old-world inspired melodies, and tribal-march-style drum instrumentals – transporting the audience to a world of humor, theatricality, and bohemian spirit. Psyche Corporation is a musical experience combining art, fashion, dance, and science, within the framework of an imagined technomythological world. Their music spans genres – a recent song mixed tribal singing with classic piano while embedding the DNA of a deadly polio virus into its percussion. In keeping with our Jurassic themes, You Bred Raptors? will be making their Anachronism debut. Born somewhere between the Neolithic Era and the Industrial Revolution, this band of merry gentleman minstrel through the NYC subways with the Music Under New York Program. Local performer Danny Blu offers his dark, danceable and irresistibly sexy music. Baroque and Hungry covers more classical folk-rock. More performers are soon to be confirmed, but we aim to provide a variety of entertainment. The Anachronism offers something for everyone!

Amazing! Whimsical! Fun for all! Whether you love Steampunk or simply love grand good times, The Anachronism promises a lovely afternoon and evening of entertainments, shows, networking, running around like mad, sitting in one place and watching the world go by, drinking unusual absinthe cocktails, and generally enjoying a mad little fantasy world, surrounded by interesting and cool people. And raptors.

For more information, please consider visiting their website, at
... and perhaps a visit to their Facebook location, at:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boneshaker to become a motion picture!

A first mentioned on Mr. T. Wilson's Dieselpunks, the production company Hammer has acquired the rights to the Ms. Cheri Priest's Steampunk classic Boneshaker!  An exceedingly hopeful development, so to read a bit more on it, please turn to the Dieselpunks article on it, at:

... then visit the Hammer movie production website, at: