Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Selling New York - The Steampunk Apartment !

I often get fanagled into watching some shows in which I really have no interest in, and usually take a small nap when "enjoying" some bizarre wedding show or what not with the Mrs.  However, I practically jumped out of my chair when I saw this small bit on the television!  The Steampunk Apartment was up for sale, and as an added bonus, the agent pays a visit to Dr. Grymm!  The footage is a bit quirky, but regardless, please do enjoy!

(For a bit more regarding this piece, please visit Dr. Grymm's entry on this endeavor, at: http://www.drgrymmlaboratories.com/2012/01/dr-grymm-on-selling-ny-steampunk.html

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Pag said...

If only I had $1.75m laying around... Then again, my condo in Quebec city cost me $215k for 1,100 sq. ft -- I could probably get some nice steampunk decoration for the remaining $1.5m ;)