Thursday, August 30, 2012

Steam Bandits: Outpost Interview...

An intriguing interview with Mr. Jason Fader, and the new game, Steam Bandits: Outpost!  The team successfully completed their Kickstarter, and it is a very ambitions project... for more details, do consider listening to the two videos (the top one provides background on the project, the bottom one provides details on the game play, which is quite unique).  Also, do take a moment to visit their forum site, located at their main website:

Oh, Kotaku did a very good writeup on Steam Bandits: Outpost, located here: ... do enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Punkettes - An outstanding new Steampunk & Dieselpunk blog!

As part of "window of opportunity" I'm enjoying whilst Mr. (Hurricane) Isaac passes by, I did want to make a point of posting on an excellent new blog titled "The Punkettes"!  This outstanding endeavor is the labor of three industrious writers each have the mantle of a genre affinity: Ms. R. Sky is the Clockpunkette, Ms. Lindsay is the Dieselpunkette, and Ms. E. Latimer is the Steampunkette.  This "Charlie's Angel's" triumvirate have already produced a number of works, and they have demonstrated an astute eye for new Steampunk (and longitudinal genre) news, so much that adding them to the Steampunk Links is a no-brainer (not that the first image I saw on their site was the patron-saint of Steampunk, the luminous Mr. Tesla, followed by an article by my personal favorite Steampunk animal... the octopus)!  Don't dally any more!... take a gander of the Punkettes, located at:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Steampunk Medals from Spectra Nova!

A while ago I was a part of a larger discussion regarding medal and Steampunk cosplay uniforms.  As a vet, I'm not enthusiastic about using current or past military medals as part of a Steampunk uniforms, but for some differing reasons than some may have.  To me, its seems a bit lazy to use a current medal on a "Steampunk / turn-of-the-century" uniform (e.g. when I saw an advert for a convention, and one of the fellows was wearing a national defense ribbon), but more importantly, unique ribbons are a genuine opportunity to put one's imprint on one's attire.  That being said, not everyone is handy, so when I saw this gem, I followed the link, and practically fell out of my seat!  This Steampunk Pirate Octopus and Skull medal, from SpectraNova, is a grandiose work of art!  Alas, its has already been sold, but I would most certainly recommend a visit to their Esty location, found at:, and take a peek at their medal selection - excellent workmanship, outstanding design, and a value for the price!  So consider a visit to their site, and hold on to one's plastic!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Leviathan Technical Manual!

 Leviathan Stormwalker (cutaway)

Back from the "non-internet having" wastelands, I do have a plethora to catch up on!  I'll start with an amazing work highlighted on IO9, which is "The Manual of Aeronautics", a brilliant work which focuses on weaponry from both the Clanker and Darwinist sides of the Leviathan series.  I have yet to obtain a copy of this gem, but from the supplemental screen shots provided by IO9, and easily obtainable copies on Amazon (here), this work covering Mr. Westerfeld's world takes a fantastic look at the technology (and biology) of his creation!  As I said, I don't have it yet, but once I do, I shall provide a few more details!

Leviathian Bridge (cutaway)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sill around as I endure a small hiatus...

In the interim, I'm addressing a number of odd issues, including domestic re-arranging (no, keeping the other half, but the entire household is in quite a situation), and limited internet access (currently writing on an ancient laptop to make this comment).  So, once I'm back up to full speed, I'll be back to posting regularly (and answering the bulk of emails awaiting attention)! Not quite dead yet - see everyone in a few!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Steampunk Kung-Fu: Tai Chi 0

When I saw this trailer, I was a bit torn on posting it - even though it has two of my favorite genres, Steampunk and Kung Fu.  Watching the trailer cuts made it difficult to ascertain what exactly was involved with the plot line, the second half does have plenty of gear-work, and very dangerous-looking flying contraption, and very nice atmospherics to accompany the Kung Fu (if the producers of Ip Man is involved, you know it should be good!) - so please do enjoy and feel free to add any insights into the upcoming feature!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Gatehouse Gazette, Issue #22!

The prodigal son (or magazine) for Steampunk and Dieselpunk has returned, albeit on a limited basis!  The exceptional Mr. Ottens (and his diligent associates) have released issue number 22 of the Gatehouse Gazette, much to the pleasure of the greater Steampunk and Dieselpunk circles - so to enjoy excellent articles, such as insight to the upcoming European Steampunk Convention, Spanish Steampunk, an introspective on the legendary Raymond Chandler, and much, much more, please visit the Gatehouse Gazette, issue number 22, located at:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Space 1889 & Beyond (Series Two) - Conspiracy of Silence

After a long (and anticipated) wait, the newest works from Mr. Andy Frankham-Allen & Mr. Frank Chadwick will be soon released!  The first installation of the second series of Space 1889 & Beyond, titled Conspiracy of Silence, will be available in short-order (mid-August) at Untreed  

The upcoming monthly installations in the series include...

1) Conspiracy of Silence, by Mr. Andy Frankham-Allen and Mr. Frank Chadwick
2) To Ceres by Steam, by Mr. Paul Ebbs
3) Leviathans of the Clouds, by Mr. Steven Savile and Mr. David Parish-Whittaker
4) The Forever Journey, by Mr. Michael J. Peters
5) A Fistful of Dust, by Ms. Sharon Bidwell
6) and a sixth title, to be announced 

Until then, if one needs to complete any gaps in the previous episodes of Professor Nathinel Stone and Miss Annabelle Somerset, please to take a trip to the outstanding Space 1889 & Beyond vault, located here!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Piano Desks... from old piano frames!

Trying to catch up with some entries this weekend, but for the time being, I found this novel entry on Lifehacker regarding re-using discarded pianos as work tables... very nicely done, especially as many of these beautiful pianos are simply discarded if their musical interiors are no longer of use.  The above work was nice (albeit the "haters" were out in force in the comments - nothing new there, I suppose).  Still, I'd say worth a look, with the associated breadcrumbs to their links...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Steampunk Physics - An introduction, and What is Aether?

Though Steampunk is not necessarily known for its scientific rigor, Mr. Sheba (sp?) does an outstanding job in providing a theoretical basis for some of the basic questions regarding the genre's less clear concepts.  I did enjoy watching his presentations on his YouTube channel, but do be aware, the sound is a bit muted, so one may have to turn up the volume a tad - nonetheless, do enjoy!