Steampunk Events and Groups

The oustsanding aethersite The Airship Ambassador has a quite comprehensive listing of information which would be useful to those seeking further involvment in the RL Steampunk realms.  Specifically, their "Events" page provide a listing of upcoming Steampunk conventions and gatherings, groups, and Twitter updates, and much, much more!  If seeking to plan your travelling schedule around Steampunk happenings, I would most heartedly recommend a healthy visit to the Airship Ambassador's locale for comprehensive information, located at:

Additionally, I would like to state that the Steampunk Empire also has an excellent listing of upcoming Steampunk events - frequently updated, and exceptinally inclusive (as many intriguing events are listed here as well)!  Do consider a visit to the Steampunk Empire's Events page, at:


cosmicglee said...

How would one go about listing the excellent International Steampunk City event on your blog?

Logan Maxwell said...

A great resource for Steampunk themed <a href=">cufflinks for men</a>.

A Snails Pace said... Youre codially invited to the heart of the old Fairhaven Village Green to partake in the wonders & delights awaiting you @ the 4th annual Fairhaven Steampunk Festival Mr. Flip's Carnival of Wonders and Curosites. Sure to astonish & delight young & old alike!
July 19th 2014
1207 10th St.
Fairhaven Village Green
Bellingham WA

SteamPunk Makers Fair said...

The award winning Steampunk and Makers Fair wants you! The Steampunk and Makers Fair is an annual, two day, Steampunk-themed event held at Parc International in Downtown Lafayette, LA. A critical and growing part of the fair is merchants like YOU! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us as a merchant for this unique two day event. Applications are due by November 1, 2016.

The Steampunk and Makers Fair is part costume play, science & county fair, and part something entirely new, The Steampunk & Makers Fair is an all-ages festival by hosted by Cite des Arts and the Lafayette Science Museum to showcase and celebrate science, technology, education, art and mathematics. The Steampunk and Makers Fair will be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 5 & 6, 2016 in Parc International at 200 Garfield St. Lafayette, LA 70501.

The event consistently attracts more than 3000 patrons. The 2016 Steampunk and Makers’ Fair was selected as a top 20 event for the Southeastern United States by the Southeastern Tourism Society. This year marks the fourth installment of this special event.To become part of the fun of creating Steampunk and Makers Fair as a merchant please complete and mail the attached merchant application. Contact Cite’ des Arts for additional information by phone at 1 - (337) 291-1122 or by email at